Feel the energy of young people – replica Omega and replica Tudor

I think there are two styles is sure to be recommended as an entry in the complex models watch, a chronograph is, that the move; the other is the sun and the moon, that the static. As Chronograph, many young people choose to design a top priority. In all the time-table, the first entry-level replica Omega and replica Tudor.

Why are these two brands? The first sign is a high-status, high awareness level; and the second is whether it is done to change the movement are quite solid; the third is a very classic style, such as Omega moon, well known, internally and externally.

This year saw two TAG Heuer’s work, I think it can recommend to young people as an entry chronograph choice. All in all, more than a remarkable passion for racing brand DNA and blood costume very young, and young people make different choices is valued thing.

Jack Heuer Chronograph is actually Memorial edition Honorary Chairman of TAG Heuer Jack • Hoya, who is the brand founder Edward • TAG Heuer’s grandson, in the 1960s and 1970s the company’s innovative golden age, has served as CEO, now already served its purpose, but its influence on the design and marketing of TAG Heuer continues to affect the process.

This table is black and silver chronometer dial face plate contrast is very strong, easy to make people very far to see the watch function and a normal three-pin table are quite different, it is easy to have a “complex” feel. The red second hand is a prominent young youthful vitality. Date window at six locations have been designed very practical, I can make people in the movement to quickly understand the change date. The red speed disk “80”, indicating that this limited edition unique identity.

Table back through the back with a non-motion design, engraved family crests, Jack Heuer signature and limited edition number. Cousin who may not care what this powder limit is not limited, but for entry-level players, one engraved with a limited number of tables is still very worthy of pomp and pride. 3-50000 and in price, the timing of this operation table feel good, accurate chronograph hand to zero, no extra action.

This table uses a strap hole hollow design, easy for movement directly sweat evaporate, it will not put very wet bulb strap. Folding buckle design is more intimate, lest produce fall when worn. From the price perspective, the domestic price is slightly higher, if other than Fu price plus a discount, then I think it is a famous brand, design fair, highlighting the concept, easy to use, reasonably priced chronograph.

This biggest feature is the use of self-produced CH80 TAG Heuer chronograph movement, this movement using the latest modular design, timing control using seven teeth cut into the wheel. A fifth of a second chronograph accuracy, self-winding movement with Geneva stripes polished, it should say something at the same price, the production concept is still very attractive.

Dial design uses a 1960s Heuer manufactured Ref.2447 Carrera face plate style, whether it is black-faced white saucer plate or saucer plate black flour, very retro and high recognition. 41 mm shell, and thin design makes this table has to follow the classic charm from the epidemic.

Replica Tissot Express Portfolio NBA Cavaliers special section

June 20, Oracle whistle match inside the stadium audience boiling, hundreds of millions of viewers worldwide witnessed the birth of a miracle! Cavaliers in 1: 3 backwardness final in 4: 3 swan counterattack this season unstoppable warrior. Thus, the Cavaliers broke the embarrassing record in team history never to win 45 of the season, and also became the city of Cleveland for 52 years since the first team to win the championship of professional teams. “Emperor” Loeb · Langzhanmusi did, Owen did, the Cavaliers did! They finally won the team’s first team in the history of the Knights O’Brien Cup. This also means that 15-16 season comeback in perfect ending. NBA history as the first official timekeeper, Swiss watch brand Tissot to assist the precise timing of this last battle and carries great pioneering spirit timepiece works together with you to witness the birth of the championship.

Tissot Meet with basketball – NBA assist the precise timing
All along, Tissot in a number of sporting events to control the time of the decisive factors, of which the most interesting collaboration with the basketball. How important time for basketball? See famous star right time: 13 minutes 35 seconds Tracy McGrady, Jordan finals last second “century a vote,” Bryant 0.3 seconds lore Heat riding and shooting. Great players and the game always needs to be borne in mind that while the timer fixed for the same period is always a great achievement prerequisites. This season, Tissot breakthrough history, proud to be the NBA’s first official timing, always outside the arenas to protect the game smoothly, boosting NBA precise timing, but also with the fans to witness a championship moment Cavaliers!

In the next five years, Tissot will continue to work with the three major US professional basketball league (NBA, WNBA, NBA D-League) hand in hand, through precise timing experience, diverse and rich selection of timepieces for fans of off-site activities they offer fantastic tournament experience. Among the most important of which is from the 2016-2017 season, NBA all 29 competition venues will enable the timer, Tissot, Tissot and use newly developed for the NBA integrated timing system, then, the game will be more precise timing, so you love the game more exciting!

Tissot meet with fans – share your passion for basketball
As the NBA’s most intimate partner, Tissot also prepared a stylish watch basketball and basketball events not to be missed for the fans. This year Tissot partnerships with 11 NBA teams, the team designed a highly distinctive exclusive watch – Tissot Express Portfolio NBA special section. East and West this season, the final four teams (Warriors, Thunder, Cleveland, Toronto) is the Tissot team cooperation, together with them for the fans presented a wonderful feast of basketball games. In addition to the stadium, so that a watch can not only add a fashion sense, more important is the public declaration of your loyalty and support of the team.

Technical Parameters:

Replica Tissot Express Portfolio NBA Cavaliers special section

– Swiss quartz movement
– 316L stainless steel case, silk screen glass form the back Team Official Logo
– Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
– Waterproof to withstand the equivalent of 10 bar pressure
– Special section team colors Nato strap with standard buckle
– Table diameter: 42mm * 42mm

Fashion replica Chopard watches – black and white

As we all know, Switzerland has always been well known to the world of high-end watches, Swiss watches sold throughout the world, very popular with the public favor, so the Swiss watch has become almost synonymous with watches. High-end watches from the moment of birth has become the identity of the buyer to show off luxury fashion. Have high-quality and classic appearance of the watch movement is not only a manifestation of identity, making collection more collectible value. Men’s watches are jewelry, watch a decent brand name inadvertently reveal a buyer status, social status. Chopard was born in Switzerland, as the door of the classic watch brand, has always been a concern for men’s fashion hot spots.

Lift Chopard , is one of many love the table family heart love object. In 1860, the road is easy Aires • Chopard in the Swiss Jura mountains Song Wei wrapped small village founded Egypt Chopard , Chopard specialized in producing pocket watch and chronometer. Chopard watch production process excellence, enjoys an outstanding reputation in the gold pocket watch. Happy Sport watch series which is under its most popular series.

Available for 20 years, Happy Sport watches has attracted many people have daring and fashion taste. Latest Happy Sport XL series, in terms of modern and original than ever, while faithful to the essence of Happy Sport watches: the famous diamond design activities, giving the watch both sporty and elegant unique temperament moving . This latest fashion styles, using a 42 mm diameter case of a single color and very shocking, reflects the fresh and elegant ultimate principle.

Replica Chopard Happy Sport watches white

White models Happy Sport XL watch with silver dial, extremely pure design. In order to emphasize its clean and three-dimensional, is usually transferred to the digital dial on the bezel, while the Chopard logo engraved on it just like sapphire crystal, it will focus exclusively on sight dial decoration. Five unique activities just like diamonds flashing spray thrown up on a calm sea. Two rows of brilliant-cut method using carved diamond luxury gift, and then with a white alligator leather strap, making this section very fine sports watch between ecstasy and charm of quiet strength to achieve the perfect balance.

Replica Happy Sport watch black

Black recently in the watchmaking industry has made a comeback, big sought after. This enigmatic yet classic colors, full of sensual magic on people has a natural appeal. We love black, because it is suitable for all occasions; even the most modest attire, because it will add elegance elegant temperament; the most introverted personality but also because it and full of personality. Black models Happy Sport XL watch just reflects this fusion of power and elegance. Dazzling decorated with diamonds on the dial guilloche patterns rotating fly, resulting in a sharp contrast, as the faint of lightning in the night sky. The avant-garde with a rubber strap, black models Happy Sport XL watch but exudes a more elegant, more powerful charm. This stylish and sporty watch with any style of dress can be a perfect match, of course including the first evening, as well as in every elegant lady’s wardrobe are essential, timeless classic and it’s a perfect match – black skirt.

Buy replica watches as an best hedge

Occasionally someone will ask, what to buy the best preserved table. What is the best investment to buy a table, where the first statement about not agree investment appreciation watches and the like. As hedge against inflation, many people also understand there is an error, hedging is to minimize the loss, that is, when the high residual value of used Expressing time, there is the store price is still strong, relatively speaking, even if this watch It is a relatively preserved.

So for the average person to understand a misunderstanding hedging, hedging is to minimize the loss, the loss is to buy the so-called price and then shot in the new store price. Under normal circumstances, the store price is still considered a relatively strong, it is mainly to see the price of second-hand watch, the watch can be seen in the end there is no hedging effect.

To be honest, most of the effect of increasing the watch is not good, a lot of brand watches have such a say, hand play half, which means you may buy a watch, even when not wearing, as second-hand wrist shot You can only reach half of the original price, and watch like this simply can not be considered hedge.

The best is always limited, that was the truth of the truth. If the best you can be infinitely replicated, then it becomes a blur of words to be. Limited is a seductive word, stands for the replication and mediocre contempt, representing the money does not necessarily buy at any time. It somehow proves the owner certain privileges. Privilege, certainly inseparable identity and status. Limited cleverly titillate people subconscious sensitive exclusive desire. Not afraid to watch the high price, if we pick a hedge evergreen watch, so you can play table outside the full profit.

Watch brand wants to hedge a second look to see the material, and then only to the specific style, the brand can be said to be the most critical factor watch hedging, except for brand even if the material, style no matter how well reach the so-called hedge effect, the brand decided 90% of the value of a watch. In the watch of the previous auction, the list are some of some senior watch brand, so the brand is very important factor.

In addition there is the brand of the material, the material aspects of precious metals hedging effect is greater than steel wristwatch, steel wristwatch hedging effect is greater than the jewelry watches, jewelry watches because the price has been relatively premium lot, so from hedge the above is not the best target, as some other new material and niche materials, without the test of time.

And finally turn on the specific style watch, specific to the same brand of the same material of the watch, there are different hedging effect, so usually to do homework, listen more to see in order to make the right judgments.

Currently the best price of the two brands Rolex and Patek Philippe, watches from the previous auction will be able to see it from the store price, in other brands of collective diving when Rolex rise, not fall. The most valuable is the secondary market, Rolex so many years, prices have been stable in a horizontal line. If a table maintenance is good, there is no between basic start and shot a big difference, equal in your hands when wearing white, which is the most difficult to get things.

Besides, every moment in the update fashion, and buy replica watches as an best hedge.

Replica Montblanc boheme collection U111056 date automatic watches

A few days ago before a woman on the analysis of the market and consumer demand for the article, the article said consumer industry more than 80 percent of decisions are women call the shots, to a certain extent, it can be said, as long as basic to please female consumers get consumer industries. “Ourselves a little better,” a young generation spending habits; the Chinese women greater economic independence, more than hold up half the sky, in Shanghai, Beijing and other cities and even half of the sky. Next 5–10 years, we will enter the pursuit of individuality, loyal to the brand of “small time.”

Do not say clothing, perfumes, bags and other so many women crazy objects, say small series where the watch industry, the market throughout the female form, and fashion jewelry table table two years but the rapid surge in popularity. More and more women in the workplace and in life requires a more delicate taste of decorative packaging yourself to live more arbitrary and more comfortable. Since the evaluation done since, only we had a female form NOMOS Reviews, happened to want a female form Reviews, Montblanc Boheme collection came.

Montblanc Boheme collection by the effort to build, in the fall of 2014, put into the market. A female friend of welfare, this series designed for women, is very particular about the watches show the femininity and glamor, is a rare ladies watches. In recent years, the female form thriving market, consumers will pay more attention to female mechanical watches in the future. There are many brands to realize women’s interest in complex function mechanical watches in growing, have put more effort in research and development of the female form, Montblanc is one of them.

The Montblanc Boheme collection date self-winding watch women size 30, fine shiny stainless steel case, lugs is my favorite one of the lugs, inlaid Montblanc white five-pointed star within a small crown logo, black and white with a very conspicuous , details of the deal very easy way out, you can see the delicate mind Montblanc watchmaking.

Silver dial are two design styles, the central dial decorated with carvings, the outer ring of the dial is a simple no-frills white dial, dial so vivid perspective on a lot.

Curlicue Arabic numerals, in particular for the female form, it is a lot of soft elegance. “Filet sauté” minute scale decorated with carvings central dial, not eye-catching, but also just the right edge of the dial so that does not seem monotonous. In addition to the time scale on the dial 3,6,9,12 four other timing are decorated with diamonds, a touch of luxury, not a little tacky.

6:00 bit curved calendar window, the entire DNA is one of the most striking Boheme collection. I have to say, Boheme collection which is designed to be in the end of an arcuate shape.

Montblanc Boheme collection female form since launched in 2014, it came under scrutiny. The high-Ya Mingli light luxury table, whether the wearer is still gathering attended the banquet among friends, I think it can fit appear in these occasions. Plus watch equipped with automatic movement, through the sapphire crystal case back, movement is Mimi da, which is also the pursuit of beautiful quartz watch in the most number of female compatriots can be more than a raised level.

At last, Replica Montblanc boheme collection U111056 date automatic watches pleasantly surprised to you.

2016 Father’s Day – Replica watches for you

When a man as a father to present for family love and care, the most can reflect his character of gentleman, implicative inside collect and warm dark, bear responsibility and solid and reliable. The hone and the baptism of time, not only learned father mature steady bearing, more in life to achieve the compatible with quality of life and successful career. No wonder people always say father, however, time flies, the mountain is there, silent silent but never left, provide shoulder let you depend on.

2016 Father’s Day approaching, when watchmakers Zenith in a simple and lack detail gentleman dress watch, feedback introverted affectionate father, accompanied by his father in the life of the wrist Mi your time, instant a long time constant.

Pure and restrained watch behind the design is rich and unique details, deep and superb professional skills, but also to pay tribute to the best ideas of the father when filling Zenith. Elite Elite Series classical design dial chronograph open cool and bright, not only omitted the traditional appear at 6 o’clock small seconds dial, but also to slim sparse font for time “blank.” Silver dial with sunray polish extremely delicate, as if the war-time tempered father, engraved with hour markers and slender leaf-shaped pointer, unobtrusive and extraordinary elegance.

Slim Case diameter 42 mm with stainless steel or rose gold material, rendered pebble shape, recessed crown and rectangular buttons gift distinctive characteristics. Smooth curve in accordance with ergonomic lugs complement each other perfectly fit the wrist. Case water resistant to 50 meters and back to alternating polished and sandblasted decoration and the use of transparent sapphire crystal glass, so that the El Primero 4069 movement and speed of the star is decorated with openwork Zenith star logo pendulum Tuo glance, beautiful.

While classic chronograph in the design deliberately low-key and reserved, but its core was equipped with a speed comparable to the legendary racing machines Super Star El Primero movement speed: integrated column-wheel construction and exceptional vibration frequency of 36,000 times per hour, ensure the accuracy of the watch tenths of a second. Alligator strap with rubber lining, together with triple clasp for Elite Elite Series Chronograph watch classic gentleman style painting a perfect end.

Fatherly love to say no sometimes seem simple rustic, but it is the essence of concise deep concern. While Zenith oriented as true men to build the Elite 6150 ultra-thin watch, no modification Fan Li, but everywhere reveals moments of pure moving. Not on a diameter of 42 mm silver disk of a digital, three-dimensional thin as the only standard; willow-shaped pointer slim and elegant, flowing quietly record time. The new ultra-thin case with a stainless steel material, was pebble shape, simple low-key lines, inclined lugs bring out more refined and elegant gentleman temperament.

Flip watch, transparent case-back design of the movement mechanism and the rhythm of a pendulum Tuo exhibition exhaustive. While ultra-thin watch movement equipped with the Elite 6150 is made to trace the origin of the essence of Zenith. Watchmakers in the early 1990s, the advent of the legendary Elite-based movement for a new interpretation: Add a barrel set so double the power reserve of the movement can be more than 100 hours of continuous operation, equipped with a central seconds; Although the movement upgraded by the 195 components, but has retained the original thickness of 3.92 mm. As the Father has a profound and meaningful, even if time goes by, this same simple truth, the only change, but more profound love.、

That‘s why we want children and partners to celebrate Father‘s Day this Sunday, to show fathers they are appreciated, and for everything they do. Replica watches for you.

Replica A. Lange & Söhne watches – A New Design Concept

So far as to slim replica A. Lange & Söhne watches, a thickness of only 5.9 mm design, the filling A. Lange & Söhne watchmaking essence. 18K rose gold or white 18K gold production Saxonia Thin, is now available in two sizes.

Presents Replica A. Lange & Söhne 2011 Saxonia Thin, add a new member to Saxonia series, in the continuation of traditional features while showing contemporary flavor and elegance. This watch is also a whole series of the most slim models.

While this elegant watch has been around for two-pointer or five, this time to re-interpretation of the dial shows people, echoing the current design SAXONIA watch series. Compared with the previous paragraph on behalf of, this watch is solid 18K gold bar hour markers slightly longer and closer to the bezel. This makes it doubly silver solid silver dial highlighted.

The latest design of the SAXONIA THIN debut in January 2016 at the Geneva International Exhibition of Haute Horlogerie. Wrist performance available for sale, and offers 18K white gold and 18K rose gold two models, and case diameter of 37 or 40 mm are available to choose from.

Sections of the works by the L093.1 manual winding movement driving type, the movement is only 2.9 mm thick, each part begin Replica A. Lange & Söhne unique skills well-groomed. Other signs include classic quality pattern decorated with Glashütte three-quarter plate of German silver, decorated with the sprocket system of Sun Wen, three screws gold sleeve, hand-carved balance cock.

Replica Patek Philippe watches to experience luxury fahsion

Patek Philippe has always been superimposed chronograph complication known, such as calendar chronograph, perpetual calendar chronograph, world time chronograph there this year, of which the king is the double chronograph perpetual calendar watches. 2016 Basel Watch Fair, PP updated double chronographs, perpetual calendar 5204, launched a rose gold 5204R-001.

Now produced Ref.5204 was first launched in 2012, took over in 5004 has been discontinued, except in size from 36.7 mm to 40 mm, the movement is also upgraded from Lemania chronograph movement based fully integrated self-produced chronograph movement, but before only platinum models 5204P, a time scale is black gold flour hands of 5204P-001, is a black-faced models 5204P-011. The new watches released this year appears to be substituted flour disc 5204P-001, both with white opaline dial, but now, using a new rose gold case and match pointer and scale.

5204 people love-hate relationship dial layout, similar to the layout of the dial chronograph watch calendar 5270, other PP calendar watches are basically the leap year indication and integrated into the circadian time-dial in 5204 in order to improve readability, and keep drive time as neat, the leap year indication on 4:30 small round window, indicating the day and night at the 7:30 arranged a small round hole; at 12 o’clock or Patek Philippe common calendar week and month window.

Dial the root of the change is a new production base chronograph movement CH 29-535 (can be found in 5170,5270 or 5370). Patek Philippe 5204R, on the basis of double-tracking needle movement is superimposed and calendar function module is CHR 29-535 PS Q.

It is a chain calendar double column wheel, horizontal clutch double chronographs chronograph movement on the one hand. Having a diameter of 32 mm, a thickness of only 8.7 mm, drilling 34, 496 parts, vibration frequency of 28,800 VPH, Gyromax balance wheel, power reserve is 65 hours.

CHR 29-535 PS Q classical structure (manual winding, column-wheel, double-tracking needle) and modern technology (patent toothed wheels and modern 4 Hz frequency) the perfect combination. As the top watch, the movement parts are all fine grinding, of course, won the Patek Philippe Dual P mark, timing-related fine steel parts is simply delightful. Its two seconds after needle push rod of the clutch lever mechanism operates most enjoy playing: Once the chronograph hand is stopped at a lap time position, two seconds after needle push rod from the clutch lever will immediately double seconds after needle from the timing gear wheel . Since this break two seconds after needle advance connecting rods and heart-shaped cam between stopping two seconds after needle gear will not affect the balance wheel amplitude.

How do you get to experience all of these Patek Philippe watches? You can buy replica Patek Philippe watches here now!