Replica Rado watch with every moment of life

Mother, girlfriend, boss … … modern women need to play in the life of multiple roles, each role is essential and contains challenges, how to switch in these roles freely? The prerequisite is to let time be your ally, make sure everything is in control! Rado watch for modern women in every role are presented extraordinary time praise, to accompany every life worth remembering the moment.

Fitness time – put on light clothing, light and soothing music, but also to wear a piece of Replica Rado True Thinline White Dial Lace Watch. Yoga mat on a few simple stretch of action makes you feel more relaxed, wrist comfortable wearing experience is as if the passage of time to temporarily stop, so you quietly enjoy the body and mind harmony and balance.

Travel time – for a point of thinking, a considerable pressure on business travel may be able to become a pleasant thing. In the waiting room to pick a good book, listen to a rhythm of light music, immersed in them, while wearing a unique personality of the Replica Rado True Automatic Men’s Watch, tasting in the pearl layer hidden under the extraordinary The scene, so that time in the fingertips slowly passing, so that thoughts gradually drift away.

Work moments – busy work needs to be self-regulating, a beautiful and unique Replica Rado Centrix Automatic Open Heart Ladies Watch will help you more reasonable allocation of time, and adjust the rhythm. Regardless of thinking when the spring or helpless, may wish to slow down, calm down to slowly think, maybe everything will soon be solved, bring a multiplier effect.

Party time – to meet the time after work, how to “white-collar beauty” incarnate as “party wizard”? Full of charm dress and exquisite beauty of the natural indispensable, and Replica Rado HyperChrome Automatic Men’s Watch is a crucial embellishment, bright details to help you easily become the focus of the crowd, enjoy the minutes and seconds happy time, unexpected good things maybe Inadvertently happen!

2017 Red Dot Design Award – Replica Hublot Big Bang Ferrari Meca-10 Magic Gold watch

In the face of 5500 entries from 54 countries, the red dot award by 40 professors, journalists and independent designers was carefully evaluated, carefully selected, and finally decided to be the highest honor of the red dot product design award – “2017 Red Dot Design Award” awarded Hublot Big Bang Meca-10 magic gold watch.

The Red Dot Design Award was created by the German North Rhine -Design Zentrum NRW, which began in 1955 to recognize the most valuable design work nowadays. Since the 1990s, Dr. Peter Zec has led the red dot to the international peak, as the Oscar Awards for the film industry, the red dot award called the design industry’s ultimate award.

“Red Dot Design Award” is the most outstanding design.Only the design dreamer can get this award, to achieve extraordinary quality, excellent function, excellent charm, comfort and practical and corporate responsibility for the perfect balance.
– founder and chief executive officer of Red Dot Prof. Dr. Peter Zec

The “Red Dot Design Award”, “Red Point Best Design Award”, marks the hublot devoted to the Big Bang Meca-10 magic gold watch independent research and development efforts recognized by the industry. The watch embodies the brand to the highest quality, technological innovation and outstanding aesthetics of the relentless pursuit of the charm of retro and futuristic realization of the perfect fusion.

Retro charm, Watch as its name. Meca-10 with unlimited imagination and creativity, to reproduce the other kind of childlike. Inspired by the famous French toy company Meccano mechanical building blocks game, Meca-10 is still obsessed with Meccano designers and architects pay tribute. Motherboards, gears, gears … Hublot to seemingly ordinary mechanical parts to challenge the unprecedented technical limits, to create a design eclectic, stable and reliable structure of self-produced movement.

The HUB1201 self-produced movement, developed by the Hublot team, is a futuristic style with 223 parts and two parallel barrels. The power storage monitor is based on the rack structure and can display 10 days of power.

By the magic of gold to create the case from another angle once again reflect the futurism. The Magic Gold is a new alloy of gold and ceramic, developed in collaboration with Hublot and EPFL , which is a true scratch of 18K gold. In theory, only diamonds can leave traces on it.

Since the announcement of the award, located in Nyon’s Hublot watch factory full of glory to celebrate the brand won the ultimate design award – “2017 Red Dot Design Award.” July 1 this year, the red dot event, Hublot will be witnessed in 1200 guests, was officially awarded this award. Subsequently, the award-winning works – Hublot Big Bang Meca-10 magic gold watch will be the German Eisen red dot design museum display.

Replica Hublot Big Bang Ferrari Meca-10 Magic Gold watch
#Brand, Seller, or Collection Name – Hublot
#Model Year – 2017
#Item Shape – Round
#Dial window material type – Scratch Resistant Sapphire
#Display Type – Analog
#Case material – Stainless Steel and Ceramic
#Case diameter – 45 millimeters
#Case Thickness – 14.50
#Band Material – Rubber
#Band length – 8 inches
#Band width – 21 millimeters
#Band Color – Black
#Dial color – Magic Gold
#Bezel material – Fixed Black Ceramic
#Calendar – Date displays between the 4 and 5 o’clock position
#Special features – Hublot Big Bang Chronograph #Automatic Watch – 301.SM.1770.RX
#Item weight – 15.84 Ounces
#Movement – Automatic
Water resistant depth – 100 Meters

2017 New Replica Mido Baroncelli Prisma Watch

Can be comparable with the eternal only diamond edge. And can be metaphor function and dazzling integration of one, will come to the fore. More than a classic version of the Swiss beauty table series, Replica Mido Baroncelli Prisma Watch show the beauty of women elegant. 25 pieces of white pearl Fritillaria in the United States under the tricks of the master of the talent, with a superb craftsmanship hand-stuck in the silver decorative pattern dial center, surrounded by 51 dazzling diamonds shine. When a selection of diamonds are set in the dial, it represents not only the bright luxury, but also represents a pursuit of the ultimate process.

As an important landmark in the opera, the Rennes Opera House is famous for its unique circular structure. Rounded lines and exquisite curved design created this outstanding new neoclassical architecture. The new Replica Mido Baroncelli Prisma Watch, through its smooth curve design of the subtle reference, to pay tribute to this prestigious building.

The new Replica Mido Baroncelli Prisma Watch, is the Swiss beauty table will be beautiful and feminine charm and traditional and modern design integration reflects a time to share. While the traditional jewelry ideas to contemporary design concept point of view re-interpretation, in order to create an elegant diameter of 33 mm round stainless steel case. 25 pieces of white pearl Fritillaria in the United States under the tricks of the master of the talent, with a superb craftsmanship hand-stuck in the silver decorative pattern dial center, surrounded by 51 dazzling diamonds shine. And polished stainless steel strap more this extra watch to add a touch of gorgeous bright. Not only that, the delicate details of the design in the double-sided anti-glare sapphire mirror material under the dial exposed, such as double-sided hour and minute hands, and circular diamond cut the second hand. The date window is at 6 o’clock. Round dial is dripping with its design inspiration for the French Rennes Opera House clever lessons and tribute.

Regardless of the years change, diamonds and watches are still so “love”, the two together to create a luxury shape also by women’s love. When the watch encounters diamonds, everything is so bright and dazzling. New Replica Mido Baroncelli Prisma Watch also has a PVD plated rose gold stainless steel case models, diamonds sparkling edge and rose gold Yiu Yi complement each other, condensed in the dial between the dial, while with black calfskin rolling crocodile pattern strap, interpretation of women’s fun attitude. In the amazing production process exquisite, Replica Mido Baroncelli Prisma Watch also equipped with Caliber 80 automatic mechanical movement, up to 80 hours of long kinetic energy storage. Exquisite automatic mechanical movement will undoubtedly attract many women watch lovers eyes, transparent back by the sapphire mirror protection, can clearly observe its uncompromising attention, with blue screws automatic mechanical movement, As well as carved with Geneva ripples and MIDO logo automatically put Tuo. Waterproof depth of 50 meters, at the same time with PVD plated rose gold stainless steel clasp.
Replica Mido Baroncelli Prisma Watch M007.
* Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Date
* Round
* Stainless steel
* Polished
* 33.00mm
* Sapphire
* 2017
* Self Winding / Automatic
* Swiss Made
* Deployment Buckle
* Stainless steel
Water resistance
* 5.00atm / 50.00m / 165.00ft

There is a different among the same – Tudor in 2017 Baselworld

2017 Baselworld is the most striking is the Tudor released self-produced chronograph movement, this movement is developed by the Breitling, the basic movement source Breitling production B01 movement, put Tuo replacement For the Tudor style, with the silicon gossamer, three days power reserve, from the movement of the production process and technical point of view, this movement is very heavy weight, although just available, but I think MT5813 will stand the test. Also released a variety of Kai Kai Bi Bay watch is different from 2016, this time more biased in favor of male size. For the female table only released a new design of the rose series.

1.Replica Tudor Clair de Rose 2017 edition
The difference between the Tudor Clair de Rose, this time the “Rose” design is relatively simple, the disk is no longer Fritillaria material and clouds pattern, the central rose shape of the hollow small seconds to cancel, replaced by stainless steel case material with white Disk, from the whole table is not able to see the rose element. In order to highlight the noble, some models provide diamond timing, the rest of the standard are Roman numerals. Strap material to provide steel, crocodile skin and spiral groove weaving with three options.

2.Replica Tudor Heritage Black Bay Chronograph ref. 79350
This is the years the Tudor issued a new chronograph movement, the basic movement to the Breitling B01, after the second development of the imperial rudder and assembly in Kai Cheng Bi Bay timing watch, the watch is expected to become the rudder lovers fight The purchase of the object, the movement model MT5813, 70 hours power reserve, silicon gossamer and Swiss precision time test center certification. With MT5813 movement of the watch shell shape inherited in the Tudor traditional diving watch design concept, crown from the Tudor table in 1958 launched the “big crown” watch. Dial on the “snow” pointer unique, angular, is derived from the seventies of the twentieth century for the French Navy to provide watches the classic style. The model watch strap provides stainless steel, woven belt, and calfskin three kinds of materials.

3.Replica Tudor Heritage Black Bay Steel – fabric strap
This watch case diameter of 41 mm, equipped with 2724 automatic movement, with a slim middle case and polished steel fixed outer ring, retaining the overall shape of the Biban series. And other members of the same series of Beyond Bay, Kai-Bi Bay 41 watch dial design from the fifties of the twentieth century Tudor diving table to draw inspiration, into an elegant black paint style. This watch with the majority of collectors familiar, called “snow” angular pointer. Kai Cheng Bi Bay type 41 watch with steel strap and steel discount brown belt for selection, and are accompanied by an additional urban camouflage style weave strap.

Rolex make you Be confident enough

In the watch brand, the most watchmaker familiar with the table than Rolex, many people’s ultimate goal is to have a piece of Rolex, Rolex can see the charm of people can not stop. And Rolex is so popular, nor is there no reason. Below the watch network with you to understand the charm of belonging to Rolex.

Rolex watches in the international watch industry in the continuous development of its important strength of performance, reflected in the superb level of exquisite workmanship, this professional level of technology, perfect quality assurance, are derived from the superb workmanship technology assurance, And for more consumer choice, enough domineering perfect, there are more refined and practical the best perfect quality assurance, but also the most important luxury watch products, suitable for the vast number of consumers at ease choice, really Most advantage.

Rolex watches the level of high-end atmosphere, suitable for use in real life, its important role is to ensure that there are better design features and practical application level, which high-end design and exquisite workmanship better together, For the majority of consumer choice, the focus is also to ensure that the practice of the application of the most in line with the practical needs of the perfect quality assurance goals, but also Rolex watches have been widely recognized internationally also have a perfect quality assurance.

Rolex watches are a high-carbon type of product that can show differentiation, because it is necessary to ensure that you can achieve better results, with a variety of conditions with the clothing, with a variety of activities with the environment, as the perfect effect, the most Fashion personality characteristics of the best requirements of the product quality assurance, have the most perfect level, but also the current professional production strength of the strongest level of a watch, in order to make their own enough noble identity and temperament, Rolex can make you Be confident enough.

Replica Rolex Submariner Men’s Watch 116610LV
#Brand, Seller, or Collection Name – Rolex
#Part Number – 116610LV
#Model Year – 2016
#Item Shape – Round
#Dial window material type – sapphire-crystal
#Display Type – Analog
#Clasp – Deployment Buckle
#Case material – Stainless steel
#Case diameter – 40
#Case Thickness – 12 millimeters
#Band Material – Stainless steel
#Band width – 19.5 millimeters
#Band Color – Steel
#Dial color – Green
#Bezel material – Steel & Ceramic
#Bezel function – Unidirectional Rotating Bezel
#Special features – Screw down crown
#Movement – Swiss automatic
#Water resistant depth – 300 Meters

Replica Panerai Luminor 1950 8 Days GMT Acciaio – 44mm

The satellite has a fixed cycle around Jupiter, and Galileo has proposed a method of measuring time. In the absence of watches and clocks, his discovery is like a star.

In order to pay tribute to the talented scientist from Tuscany, Italy, also derived from the Italian watch brand Panerai created the planetarium clock – Jupiterium.

Jupiterium is not only equipped with a perpetual calendar, but also to the Earth’s perspective of the constellation, extremely accurate display of the moon, the sun, Jupiter and its four Galileo satellite relative position.

Galileo’s other discovery, completely changed the history of human watches – that is, pendulum movements of isochronous. Galileo uses this theory to conceive the pendulum instrument that can measure the time.

Later, the watchmaker in accordance with his theory and drawings designed to make the clock clock error from a few minutes a day to a few seconds, opened a new era of watch history.

Panerai launched this pendulum, is to reproduce the Florence bellist Eustachio Porcellotti in 1887 in accordance with this original drawings produced a clock.

“Art and science, design and craftsmanship, innovation originated in the tradition .Panerai contains the value of heritage, that is eternal.”

Accompanied by Huo Jianhua to explore the mystery of Galileo legend is a Luminor1950 time equation – 47 mm 8 days power two time titanium watch, this watch is equipped with the movement P.2002 / E is Panerai independent research and development of the first Movement version of P.2002.

As Panerai’s first independent research and development and production of the movement, P.2002 from 247 parts, assembly 21 stone, thick 6.6 mm, with two time function, with 24-hour indicator; with Panerai patented design of the three Barrel, to ensure that the 8-day power reserve to provide the average delivery, every day to bring sustained and stable power supply; movement of the card without the balance of hairspring balance, 28,800 times per hour vibration.

P.2002 movement is also equipped with second hand zero device, so watch and reference time signal perfect synchronization. The system designed by Panerai is unique: pull the chain crown out to the second position, a sheet will touch the balance wheel, and stop it; at the same time, a small hammer will drop, and by heart The cam pushes the second hand back to the “zero” position. Once the crown will be pushed back to the normal position, the balance wheel will be released, hammer up, release the cam, the second hand can be as usual operation.

Equipped with this movement of the watch, including Luminor 1950 – 44 mm 8 power reserve two time watch. This watch once again confirms the brand based on the history of innovation beyond the spirit: from the historical watch to draw inspiration, Panerai Luminor 1950 case of aesthetic features to be improved, the design is more stylish, more refined, more detailed treatment of the details.

PAM00233 black sandwich sandwich dial, with a date display at 3 o’clock, while the small seconds follow the traditional and its symmetrical distribution on the right. The power reserve display is located at the 6 o’clock position, and a trapezoidal cursor moves on the linear display to indicate the remaining power reserve, while the arrow-shaped center pointer is matched with the 24-hour display to indicate the second time zone.

Replica Panerai Luminor 1950 8 Days GMT Acciaio – 44mm
Functions Hours, Minutes, Small Seconds, Date, GMT, 24h indicator, Power Reserve Indicator, Seconds reset
Movement P.2002 caliber
Case Luminor 1950
Case diameter 44 mm
Dial color Black
Movement Hand-wound mechanical, P.2002 caliber, autonombed Panerai, 13¾ lignes, 6.6 mm thick, 21 jewels, Glucydur® balance, 28,800 alternations / hour. KIF Parechoc® anti-shock device. Power reserve 8 days with linear indicator , Three barrels, seconds reset device. 245 components.
Functions Hours, Minutes, Small Seconds, Date, GMT, 24h indicator, Power Reserve Indicator, Seconds reset
Case Diameter 44mm, AISI 316L brushed steel
Bezel Polished Steel
Back See-through sapphire crystal
Device protection the crown (Protected as a trademark) Brushed Steel
Dial Black with luminous Arabic numerals and hour markers. Date at 3 o’clock, seconds and 24h indicator at 9 o’clock, linear power reserve indicator at 6 o’clock.
Crystal Sapphire crystal formed of corundum
Water Resistance 10 bar (~ 100 meters)
Strap Alligator, Black, Tone on tone, 24/22 MM Standard

2017 Baselworld – About Replica TAG Heuer

TAG Heuer, a pioneer in Swiss watchmaking, has been the most accurate timing tool since its inception in 1860. In the 2017 Basel International Jewelry Watch Fair, launched several new series of watches, each series has its own characteristics but without losing TAG Heuer has always insisted on the faith.

Replica TAG Heuer Aquaracer Camouflage 300 Meters Caliber 5
This watch waterproof depth of 300 meters, although the solid but lightweight case covered with black PVD coating, sandblasting 2 titanium metal to build, strengthen its stealth effect, to avoid attracting the enemy line of sight. Bezel with a minute scale to scratch the black matte ceramic to create, is the best choice in harsh environments.

To create the series of two watches, with the dial with the same color of the NATO strap to match with. Siberian permafrost and other dangerous environment is the source of inspiration for camouflage prints. TAG Heuer tailored for the camouflage, straps with different colors of the line weaving, not only tough and the color is consistent. Army green models with the same color band and with suture embellishment, reflecting the military action is not a trifling matter.

Replica TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer-02T
Inlaid with 68 rectangular cut diamond bezel and eye-catching mechanical movement combined to show the luxury jewelry and watch the perfect balance between the process. Calaire series Heuer-02T symbolizes the avant-garde technology, exemplary quality, excellent performance, superb manufacturing skills and industrial processes and manufacturing costs of the perfect control, using a lighter than modern stainless steel 5 grade titanium alloy system to make.
This watch is the perfect blend of the traditional watchmaking field of the most famous two complex devices: TAG Heuer most proud of the timing device and has a pleasing appearance of the tourbillon. At 4 Hz and 28,800 vibrations per hour, the biggest technical challenge in making this watch is how to load a single barrel, a variety of timing functions, an automatic winding device, and a floating tourbillon to a total of only 32 Mm frame structure, while ensuring a reasonable layout of the various timelines to give the watch fashion, with a balanced appearance of beauty.
This watch is equipped with floating tourbillon by four watchmakers with exquisite craftsmanship to create, the middle of the use of titanium, the top of the carbon system, to watch for more than 65 hours of power reserve. All installation, assembly and commissioning are done by hand.

Replica TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer-01 Watch
This chronograph with a more lightweight 43 mm diameter with three colors to create a new, respectively, with dark, dark blue and elegant light brown. In addition to these colors, TAG Heuer also introduced a new rose gold section.
Polished ceramic speed beats bright luster and iconic 12 modular structure of the polished stainless steel shells echo each other HEUER-01 classic hollow dial and sapphire table back to reveal the mechanical beauty of the movement. Chronograph watch and hollow calendar window can be seen from the side of the dial. Table back of the red column column and the whole hollow dial splint, black PVD pendulum Tuo particularly eye-catching, the perfect show swing gear clutch device.
All the chronograph functions of the movement are marked with a red mark to pay tribute to the car, including the central second hand, the 30-minute chronograph, the 12-hour chronograph, and the start / stop button. The appearance of quite dynamic style of the original homemade movement to HEUER-01 named to express the respect for the founder Edouard Heuer, of which 01 represents the chronograph of the new era of this start.

Replica TAG Heuer Carrera Automatic Ladies Watch
Blue sun pattern dial with cowboy style tannins strap, black dial decorated with rose gold with full grain calfskin strap, black dial with 18K rose gold case and black shiny crocodile leather strap, as well as show heavy Rock-style all-black watch models, the new series of women’s watch to move closer to the new generation. Calella series ladies watch has both elegant and just right 36 mm diameter size, its inspiration comes from TAG Heuer 150 years out of the Calella series Heuer-01 automatic chronograph.
This watch is no longer using TAG Heuer watch factory traditional overall case structure, but instead with nine different parts of the modular structure, you can enjoy a combination of various materials, colors, process and accessories, The different appearance.

Replica Tag Heuer Link Silver with Pink Mother of Pearl Dial Women’s watch
This watch is made of stainless steel, with an elegant 32mm dial, the bracelet simplifies the lugs, and the case together with the side of the strap is still highlights the charming curve, the surface treatment is more beautiful, better. S-shaped buckle profile as a whole showing a different kind of luster, the upper surface of each buckle and satin treatment, do elegant

2017 Replica Tudor Clairde Rose ladies watch

Tudor to exquisite elegance, classic long-lasting style to make Clairde Rose series of charming soft blooming splendor. The new watch is made of stainless steel, equipped with mechanical movement, with three sizes and six designs to choose from.

In 2017, the re-interpretation of the Clairde Rose series stunning debut, adhering to the classical elegance and eternal classic spirit, not only make good use of the brand name of the aesthetic characteristics of the history, but also retains the middle of the case of soft lines and eye-catching crown. This watch on the crown is set with a blue round arched spinel. Rose series of new watches are available in three different sizes, the case diameter of 26,30 and 34 mm, silver dial decorated with exquisite relief patterns, with blue paint Roman numerals or diamonds as a second mark. Rose series equipped with automatic winding movement, equipped with calendar function, only made of stainless steel.

Tudor ladies watch has a long history, delicate and distinctive style coexist. Clairde Rose series of new watch from this tradition to learn from the rich inspiration, aesthetics in the use of some famous series, and these series of names are imagination, such as Princess, Glamor and Miss Tudor . Clairde Rose series of the most easy to identify elements from Miss Tudor series, that is, in the chain crown decorated with a precious dome-shaped spinel.

This series of the size of the watch are three straps to choose from, respectively, for the steel strap, black crocodile leather strap and weave strap. Steel strap by the small and exquisite “grain” chain composition, creating an unparalleled soft texture and bright luster; black crocodile leather strap exudes a timeless elegance temperament; weave straps are drawing the logo of the rose series spiral pattern, Add art style. The weave strap is made from a family of 150-year-old family in the St. St-Etienne region of France. It is made of nineteenth-century jacquard looms, comfortable and full of personality.