Present a gift for Father’s Day – Replica Oris watches

In a mature male life, in addition to ring finger ring, the use of the most accessories may be an elegant and practical watch. June’s footsteps are approaching, and their father’s festivals will be on schedule. Father’s love is like a towering mountains, such as the vast deep sea, without words but full of affection, and the years will be all faithfully recorded. Swiss independent watch brand Oris in the Father’s Day approaching, the selection of Oris 111 independent movement and the new Classic watch, to the world’s father Road, a love and thanks.

Replica Oris Artelier Caliber 111 Men’s Watch
In 2014, the 110th anniversary of the opening of the Oris brand, introduced a symbol of the return to independent research and development movement of the 110 movement of the watch, this unique manual winding 110 movement carrying 10 days power reserve function and non-linear Power reserve display. 2015, Oris11 movement watch continued this legend, and to achieve mass production. 43 mm Oris 111 self-movement watch can be used with stainless steel or 18K rose gold case, stainless steel models are silver-gray and black black gold models, rose gold models are milky silver and chestnut models. Stainless steel with black crocodile leather strap or stainless steel strap; 18K rose gold with brown or gray crocodile leather strap. Different materials and colors of the mix, in the inch between the individual to provide a choice, to restrained edge of the background against the father of the mature charm of Junya. Based on the 110 autonomous movement watch, 111 watch added calendar display function, for the busy fathers to provide a useful date tips, the time firmly in the wrist.

Replica Oris Classic Date Men’s Watch
2017, Oris Classic watch innovation, the traditional Swiss watch style Oris culture series mechanical watch once again wonderful interpretation. Self-winding mechanical movement, big three-pin, calendar display, transparent bottom cover, very competitive price, Oris new Classic watch to meet an entry-level wild watch all the conditions. Oris iconic large crown and red automatic pendulum, let it also have a distinct personality with Oris’s classic elements. Rich in size, dial color and strap selection also make it more free to wander in the classic style, for the father to provide many outstanding choices. In the details, Oris new Classic watch made some more classical interpretation of the United States: rose gold pointer and scale, with classical Roman numerals; polished bezel outside the edge of the increase in the design of fine coins pattern; ear shape more streamlined meticulous. Oris new Classic watch unique style derived from the classic heritage and the details of the innovation; life in the image of his father and the stalwart, also in the ordinary years continue to climb the new coordinates, creating a new surprise.

Your father preferred – Replica Rado Diamaster

Fleeting water, see sun alternate. see time goes by, but his father accumulated calm and calm. Whipped the dust of the years, every free and easy unruly father is a wonderful time journey of the perfect interpretation, they are full of gentleman and wisdom style, high quality of life also has unique insights. On the occasion of the arrival of Father’s Day, Rado DiaMaster series of large second hand watch, for every time travelers to bring the wrist between the supreme experience, deserved to make his father always glow fashion charm magic weapon.

Replica Rado DiaMaster series of second seconds watch has a full personality “eccentric” design, in the details of the more ingenuity, the Roman digital hour scale and around the two sub-dial around the sun ornamentation complement each other, condensed a new look. This watch with 43 mm case and equipped with black or chocolate brown leather strap, the whole body shape continues the series of watches in a consistent style of the atmosphere and full of avant-garde style, classic yet new ideas. Deep mellow tone in the silent transmission of calm temperament temperament, the father of the gentleman refined fashion vividly deduced.

Replica Rado to brand one of the brand of plasma high-tech ceramic carefully crafted DiaMaster drilling tyrants series of second seconds watch, making this section of the wrist is not only extraordinary light, can provide excellent wear experience, but also has excellent wear resistance advantages, Sincere dedication to each in the long river in the constant pursuit of high quality of life father.

Replica Rado DiaMaster diamond tyrants series of second seconds watch, “eccentric” love his father – so comfortable experience accompanied by time.

Replica Rado Diamaster Grande Seconde Automatic Mens Watch
#Brand, Seller, or Collection Name – Rado
#Item Shape – Round
#Display Type – Analog
#Case diameter – 43 millimeters
#Case Thickness – 11.80
#Band Material – Brown Leather
#Dial color – White, Clous de Paris Pattern
#Bezel material – Fixed Plasma Ceramic
#Calendar – Date display
#Movement – Automatic
#Water resistant depth – 100 Meters

Father’s Day & Replica Hublot Classic Fusion Racing Gray Chronograph watch

Time quietly, precipitated the years, the father of the identity given to the male calm and wisdom of the gas field. If life is a racing, to become a father, it means that into the wind and sunny waters, stable and full of strength. The value of 2017 Father’s Day approaching, the Swiss top watch brand Hublot selection classic fusion “racing gray” chronograph watch, adhering to the eternal classic time, low-key humble gray interpretation of his father’s refined personality.

Classic fusion “racing gray” chronograph engraved eternal elegance connotation. Gray exudes a unique metallic color, condensate time of the United States, highlighting the intriguing multiple charm; Wang Jin case reflects the king temperament, and gray dial and strap complement each other. 45 mm diameter watch with timing function, the date window is located at 6 o’clock position, equipped with HUB1112 self-winding mechanical movement – elegant design and practical functions, increasingly set off his father’s self-character, highlight the mature men’s unique fine taste The

Father is silent, the key is to understand. Hublot classic fusion “racing gray” chronograph watch, so timeless lingering father wrist, so love and time with.

Replica Hublot Classic Fusion Racing Gray Chronograph watch
* Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Date, Chronograph
* Round
* King gold
* Brushed + Polished
* 45.00mm
* Sapphire
* 2016
* Self Winding / Automatic
* Manufactured
* Swiss Made
* Deployment Buckle
* Red Gold
* Alligator rubberized
Water resistance
* 5.00atm / 50.00m / 165.00ft

The blue temptation – Replica Ulysse Nardin Classico Manufacture

Every year we will see a lot of time with a blue face of the emergence of the time, their number even give a kind, has been with the traditional black and white disk rival-like illusion. Because it will not go with the passage of time and the characteristics of inferior, the blue plate in the watch market which can be described as very popular, and compared to look, they are very suitable for those who appear in the elegant solemn, gentleman of the occasion. For this reason, we picked out the birth of the blue plate in 2017 is loaded watch, and hope that through the mainstream around the mainstream brand circle, to help you look for fans who are commensurate with the style of the gentleman blue.

In 2017 SIHH Geneva watch on the stage, with its Ulysse Nardin watch the sister company – Donzé Cadrans created crystal clear blue big enamel dial, most vividly for us to show the charm of enamel skills. This looks chic, the size of the size of 40mm stainless steel small three-pin watch is equipped with a Cal.UN320 type self-winding movement, the movement is equipped with silky gossamer and anchor escapement device. The ultimate elegance, proper restrained, full of original, absolutely able to make it stand out among the crowd.

Replica Ulysse Nardin Classico Manufacture 170th Anniversary Limited Edition Watch
#Brand, Seller, or Collection Name – Ulysse Nardin
#Item Shape – Round
#Display Type – Analog
#Clasp – Deployment clasp with push-button
#Case material – Stainless steel
#Case diameter – 40
#Case Thickness – 11
#Band Material – Rubber
#Band length – Women’s Standard
#Band width – 20
#Band Color – Blue
#Dial color – Blue
#Bezel material – Stainless steel
#Bezel function – Unidirectional
#Calendar – Date
#Special features – Second hand, Luminous, Water Resistant
#Movement – Swiss automatic
#Water resistant depth – 330 Feet

Perfection and precision – Replica IWC Portuguese Regulateur

We hope that the watch can always go accurate, for the watch operating time for a long time caused by the error value, these years the brand in the movement R & D also try to minimize the gap to the smallest. The daily error of 86,400 seconds, the daily error of 50,60 seconds, is a very small error value; but accumulated a week, a month’s time down, has been unable to call the precise timing tool. So must be adjusted by moving the speed of the parts, the movement of the accuracy control in a certain range. In view of this, IWC founder Florentine A. Jones in 1872 to create the brand’s first self-made movement Jones Caliber Jones movement, with the brand’s speed needle device invented, so slow needle, also known as Jones pin. The Jones pin from IWC is three times longer than the average speed needle, extending from the balance wheel clamp to three quarters of the main splint. Does the length of the slow needle cause any effect? As the tail and the front of the speed of the needle, the greater the proportion of the gap, the higher the precision of fine tuning. Therefore, IWC launched the pocket watch movement, the end of the slow needle is a long amazing.

This was born in the pocket watch era Jones pin, in the recent transformation of the mechanical watch to become the mainstream watch history has not been forgotten or even replaced by IWC, in 1930 IWC more directly to the use of the Portuguese series of watches. In the follow-up period from time to time, IWC will re-interpretation of the brand alone Jones pin, although the latter is more to the brand founder to pay tribute, review the classic means thick, but still can not change the birth of Jones pin watch history The contribution. While the figure is one of the IWC Portugal series of three-pin first-line watch, dial single needle echo movement Jones pin design, to pay tribute to the history of very strong. In recent years, the engraved version of the movement, in accordance with the design of the year, but by adding two-stage speed needle device, adjust more convenient.

Replica IWC Portuguese Regulateur Tourbillon Manual Platinum watches
Caliber: 98245
Vibrations: 18,000 / h / 2.5 Hz
Jewels: 22
Power reserve: 46 h
Material: platinum, 18ct. Rose gold, stainless steel
Glass: sapphire glass, coated on both sides, see-through back
Folding clasp: available to special order in platinum, rose gold and stainless steel
Water-resistant: 3 bar (30 m)
Diameter: 43.1mm
Height: 11.75 mm
Watch in platinum
With crocodile leather strap (black): 128 g
Watch in rose gold
With crocodile leather strap (dark brown): 114 g
Watch in stainless steel
With crocodile leather strap (light brown): 89 g

Choose to wear for the summer best replica watch

Summer, many people worry about wrist sweating discomfort and give up wearing a replica watch, in fact, if selected according to the characteristics of the summer, the same can be comfortable and comfortable to wear replica watches.

1: Material
Choose to wear for the summer replica watch, the first natural attention to the choice of material. For the summer hot and sweating seasonal features, silk, leather strap is best not to choose, not only in the hands of very hot, and sweat soaked after the dirty and distribute some pungent odor. The metal material, ceramic material or rubber material strap is the preferred summer wear. Metal material and ceramic material of the cold touch and rubber material resistance to the characteristics of these watches have become the summer watch the best choice.

2: Sense of thin
Summer is a light battle season, dress so, wear table is also true. Compared to the heavy big man, a slim and lightweight watch is more suitable for ladies wear in summer. Note that here is slim, rather than ultra-thin, ultra-thin table with the belt to wear the general style of the majority, in the outdoor sports frequent summer but some inappropriate. So, in the choice of light, slim watch on it, at least in the visual will make you feel refreshing a lot.

3: Movement Notes
Although the summer is very suitable for sports replica watches, especially the diving table, but the sun is too strong in the sun may bring the function of the watch with the night damage. We know that the luminous watch is able to shine, because the watch in the pointer and dial on the chemical coating in the light absorption of energy and then in the dark place, but too strong sunlight will make the coating to accelerate aging, to bring damage to the watch .

4: Maintenance
Summer weather hot and humid, in the rain or sweat “baptism”, the watch case of the gloss will be damaged, to speed up the aging of the case. So the summer wear table should be carefully maintained, after the end of the wipe to carefully wipe, especially sweat stains where, if there are other problems, you can pay to the maintenance and maintenance of professionals. In addition, if you wear a new table must tear off the table back film, do not think that the film can slow down the watch damage, but due to perspiration immersion, film gap dirt will produce greater damage to the case.

Durable for lasting style – Replica Rolex 904L steel watch

Rolex fans should have to know 904L steel, but the perception of this material may only stay in the “more durable” only, and do not know this stainless steel and other watches and clocks with 316L steel brand where different; but can Clearly, the use of this steel will make the cost higher than the length of the watch brand so far only Rolex full use of its watch. So, there are a lot of people expressed doubts: 904L steel in the end what is it?

The table is a common material containing K gold, titanium and ceramics, etc., which in turn accounted for the vast majority of stainless steel; and many watch brands have a Commonly used, it is the use of 316L steel, because of its low hypersensitivity characteristics, not only can be used to manufacture case, many need to wear jewelry, scalpels, etc. can be used 316L steel production, the objective point of view is quite good Material. However, Rolex in addition to the early use of this 316L steel, then the full use of 904L steel, what is the reason?

First of all, let us understand the difference between the two kinds of steel: 316L steel in addition to the aforementioned mentioned is not easy to cause allergies, is not easy to corrosion and deformation, so more for food processing and medical equipment; 904L steel is mainly used in chemical reactions Devices, seawater processors and other high-corrosive substances exposed to the equipment, so the corrosion resistance is stronger than the 316L. The reason for this difference in the composition of the alloy elements, 316L steel and 904L steel is almost the same, the main ingredients are nickel, chromium, molybdenum, but the proportion of different, 904L also a small amount of copper, so corrosion resistance And wear resistance is stronger than 316L, and both in strength and hardness is not much difference. In daily life, the case most likely to encounter problems no less than wear bumps and corrosion, although 904L and 316L steel wear resistance is sufficient, but the two are still corrupt in the difference. Although the watch is often exposed to corrosive substances are mainly sweat and humid environment, but the table itself, if often engaged in sea activities or diving, the higher requirements of anti-corrosion, that 904L steel is a better choice; and because 904L Steel has a higher metal purity, can be highly polished, so polished after processing can be more bright, beautiful effect. Only the cost of using 904L steel is relatively high, because 904L forging difficult, the production cost is also greatly improved. If only for corrosion and more beautiful, and have to replace the whole production line of the machine, this practice is really heroic, such as Rolex was done, so 904L also “labor” nickname.

Replica Rolex GMT Master II Black Dial Stainless 904L Steel Watch
#Brand, Seller, or Collection Name – Rolex
#Model number – 116710BLNR
#Item Shape – Round
#Dial window material type – SCRATCH RESISTANT SAPPHIRE
#Display Type – Analog
#Case diameter – 40 millimeters
#Band Material – Stainless Steel Oyster
#Band length – 8 inches
#Band Color – STEEL
#Dial color – Black
#Bezel material – Bi-directional Blue and Black Ceramic with GMT mar
#Calendar – Date display at the 3 o’clock position
#Special features – Microphone, PC Calling
#Item weight – 15.84 Ounces
#Movement – Automatic
#Water resistant depth – 100 Meters

Mother’s Day – Replica Rolex Oyster Perpetual Lady-Datejust 28

Rolex introduced a new generation of Oyster Perpetual Lady-Datejust: yellow Rolesor and Everose Rolesor, the former for the 904L steel and 18 ct gold combination, the latter was 904L steel and 18 ct eternal rose gold combination. The new watch case was redesigned to a diameter of 28 mm. Watch also equipped with a 2236-type mechanical movement, this movement installed Rolex patent Syloxi silicon gossamer, and get Rolex 2015 laid the top of the Observatory certification to ensure that the watch worn on the wrist can play top performance.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Lady-Datejust 28, is the brand of representative watches and the continuation of sublimation. Since its inception in 1945, the log has always been synonymous with elegant style and precision timepieces. In the late fifties of the twentieth century women’s log is the first type of ladies watch, it will log-style watch elegant temperament and unique features gathered in a small case, more suitable for women slender wrist.

ROLESOR, the combination of gold and steel
Rolex in 1933 will Rolesor registered as a trademark, after the combination of gold and steel has become one of the characteristics of the Rolex watch. Rolesor combines these two metals: gold and steel. Gold, both noble, precious, rich luster, and stable, so quite attractive; steel, unbreakable, very strong, can be trusted. These qualities perfectly reflect the elegance and excellence of the Rolex watch. The concept is simple: the outer ring, crown and strap with the middle chain of 18 ct eternal rose gold, while the middle case and strap on both sides of the chain made of 904L steel. Rolesor in 1948 for the first time for the Datejust watch, from this classic watch for the classic to write a legendary page.

Oyster case, waterproof symbol
Rolex Oyster Perpetual Lady-Datejust 28 Oyster Case Guaranteed Waterproof 100m (330ft), is a model of sturdy elegance and perfect proportions. The shape of the unique mid-range case with a solid solid 904L steel casting made. Rolex watchmaker to brand exclusive special tools will be triangular pit bottom cover tighten, so that the case sealed, so only the Rolex watchmakers can open the movement. On the chain crown with Rolex patent double buckle double waterproof system, firmly tightened in the case. Mirror made of blue crystal, easy to scratch. 3 o’clock position with a small window convex lens, easy to read the calendar. Women’s log-type 28 waterproof oyster-style case to give the best protection of high precision movement.

2236 constant movement movement
The latest launch of the Jin Gang Women’s Log 28 is equipped with 2236-type self-winding mechanical movement, this new generation by the Rolex developed, built-in Rolex patent Syloxi silicon gossamer, ladies watch for the introduction of the top astronomical precision time performance. This gossamer is not disturbed by the magnetic field, even in the face of temperature changes, is still very stable, its seismic strength than traditional gossamer ten times higher. Its patent geometry so that the watch in all positions to maintain the law. 2236-type movement is equipped with automatic winding components, by the inside of the constant swing pendulum for the movement on the chain, the power reserve of about 55 hours.

Oyster and Memorial Strap
The new Rolex Oyster Perpetual Lady-Datejust 28 watch with redesigned oyster strap or memorial strap. Both straps are made of 904L steel and 18 ct gold. Under the outer ring of the new covert connection, to ensure that the strap and the case to achieve a seamless connection between the visual effects. Memorial watch with a new generation of concealed crown buckle, with the hinged Rolex crown logo open. Oyster strap style is equipped with folding oyster buckle, buckle also installed the Rolex patent easy to adjust the chain, the extension device design clever, so that the wearer can easily extend the strap about 5 mm, in all cases to wear Are more comfortable.
Rolex 2017 Mother’s Day watch recommended – women’s log type 28 diamond models

Top Observatory Certification
Rolex Oyster Perpetual Lady-Datejust 28 After Rolex’s new standard test in 2015, certified as the top astronomical station precision timepiece. This unique title proves that the watch has passed a series of tests by Rolex Laboratories, whose standards are more than the conventional and level of the watch industry. The watch is assembled and tested to ensure that the watch is worn on the wrist and can perform top-of-the-line performance in precision, power reserve, waterproof and self-winding. After the movement into the case before the test of the Rolex top astronomical station precision timepieces, the average error of about two seconds per day plus or minus, than the average of the Observatory certification precision precision twice. The green seal is a symbol of the top astronomical timetable, and each Rolex watch comes with this seal, with a five-year warranty.

Replica Rolex Oyster Perpetual Lady-Datejust 28
#Case Size: 28 mm
#Gender: Ladies
#Movement: Automatic
#Functions: Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Date
#Power reserve: 55 Hours
#Case Materials: Stainless Steel and 18K Rose Gold
#Caliber: 2236
#Bezel: 18K Rose Gold
#Case Back: Solid
#Crown: Screw Down
#Dial Color: Rose
#Band Type: 18K Rose Gold and Stainless Steel
#Clasp Type: Integrated to Bracelet
#Signatures: Rolex
#Included Items: Manufacturer’s Box and Papers
#Lugs Material: Stainless Steel

About Watch Movements

Chronograph is becoming more and more common, but full of chronographs on the market are basically inseparable from the number of star base movement. To really understand the chronograph stopwatch, you must first sort out a few chronograph movement masterpiece. The so-called basic play well, continue to grow in the future is not a problem, this article is mainly to discuss the supply of the brand as the basis of the timing of what is the powerful, and the reasons for the enduring, then come to see Your chronograph movement is listed among them.

Valjoux movement
Valjoux movement can be said to be the most popular movement of the chronograph movement, because even Rolex, Omega, Po, IWC, and so many big names are based on this movement, bringing a lot of classic watches. The name of Valjoux is derived from the abbreviation of Valle de Joux, and the movement is located in the local town. It was acquired by ETA SA Manufacture Horlogère Suisse in 1980 and was renamed ETA. The SWATCH group is the owner of this movement. Strictly speaking Valjoux just changed the name with the acquisition process. In the past, Valjoux factory production movement, one of the most talked about the Valjoux 7750, later known as ETA 7750. Valjoux 7750 movement came out in 1974, over the years common in the various brands of self-winding chronograph and complex function table to 7750 movement modified to achieve more complex features, such as date, week, month and month equal. The use of Valjoux 7750 movement of the chronograph is the most widely known for the Rolex Daytona, and the complex watch is the IWC nations of the Da Vinci series and the classic complex watch is also based on 7750, and then installed three asked the newspaper, double Second hand timing and perpetual calendar mechanism.

Venus movement
With the Valjoux to keep pace with the most classic another chronograph movement is manual winding Venus movement. Venus company was founded in 1924, due to poor management in 1969 after the collapse, and then the movement has also stopped production, so the market is very promising. Venus movement common in the 1950s and 1960s Breitling flight table with the 1990s some high-end chronograph. Venus movement has a number of models, before and after 2000 there are several brands used, the most well-known as Panerai, because it has been discontinued so only a small amount of limited edition launch, so the table fans competing collection of watches. Venus is one of the best chronographs of the mid-20th century. This 1940-year-old antique movement, polished and chamfered, was fitted with blue steel screws and shock absorbers. So that the table is equipped with Venus movement is more precious.

Minerva movement
Now mention Minerva, everyone will think of Montblanc, but Minerva formally belonged to Montblanc before, has established a good reputation and masterpiece. US-resistant movement manufacturer was founded in 1858, was born in the Jurassic Valley Villeret area. The company was founded by the watchmaker Robert Brothers in the early years, borrowed the name of the goddess of wisdom in the Roman mythology, and officially renamed Minerva after the 1929 founder family had withdrawn. The company was known for its achievements in the nineteenth century pocket watchmaking and the creative technology contribution of the 1940s in chronographs, and was used by many big names, and it was the Panerai movement supplier. Until today, the movement is also a collection of watches and clocks touted. And today’s Minerva Montblanc is the main complex watch the main source of movement, sustained active in the watch industry star movement.

Lemania movement
Lemania is also a watch brand, in 1884 by the famous watchmaker Alfred Lugrin was founded in Switzerland, in addition to production timepieces, but also to develop timing and watch movement. The history of the development process of Lemania movement has served in Longines, Breitling, Ba Qi Lai and other brands, was Breguet acquisition and other integration, was removed to SWATCH GROUP finally settled down, but the most important complex movement sector or attached to Breguet, and renamed as Manufacture Breguet, past the accumulation of time in the field of deep foundation is still active in the Breguet table. Regardless of which brand, Lemania for the brand’s chronograph to bring brilliant results. In the past, Lemania and OMEGA cooperation, the most successful example is nothing more than OMEGA was the first super calendar lunar table, it is equipped with Lemania co-developed with the number CK2915 movement. In the antique watch in addition to Lemania itself, the most in the OMEGA chronograph. In addition to OMEGA, Table 100 Patek Philippe’s 5004 chronograph is also used Lemania movement as the basic movement.