Choose to wear for the summer best replica watch

Summer, many people worry about wrist sweating discomfort and give up wearing a replica watch, in fact, if selected according to the characteristics of the summer, the same can be comfortable and comfortable to wear replica watches.

1: Material
Choose to wear for the summer replica watch, the first natural attention to the choice of material. For the summer hot and sweating seasonal features, silk, leather strap is best not to choose, not only in the hands of very hot, and sweat soaked after the dirty and distribute some pungent odor. The metal material, ceramic material or rubber material strap is the preferred summer wear. Metal material and ceramic material of the cold touch and rubber material resistance to the characteristics of these watches have become the summer watch the best choice.

2: Sense of thin
Summer is a light battle season, dress so, wear table is also true. Compared to the heavy big man, a slim and lightweight watch is more suitable for ladies wear in summer. Note that here is slim, rather than ultra-thin, ultra-thin table with the belt to wear the general style of the majority, in the outdoor sports frequent summer but some inappropriate. So, in the choice of light, slim watch on it, at least in the visual will make you feel refreshing a lot.

3: Movement Notes
Although the summer is very suitable for sports replica watches, especially the diving table, but the sun is too strong in the sun may bring the function of the watch with the night damage. We know that the luminous watch is able to shine, because the watch in the pointer and dial on the chemical coating in the light absorption of energy and then in the dark place, but too strong sunlight will make the coating to accelerate aging, to bring damage to the watch .

4: Maintenance
Summer weather hot and humid, in the rain or sweat “baptism”, the watch case of the gloss will be damaged, to speed up the aging of the case. So the summer wear table should be carefully maintained, after the end of the wipe to carefully wipe, especially sweat stains where, if there are other problems, you can pay to the maintenance and maintenance of professionals. In addition, if you wear a new table must tear off the table back film, do not think that the film can slow down the watch damage, but due to perspiration immersion, film gap dirt will produce greater damage to the case.

About Watch Movements

Chronograph is becoming more and more common, but full of chronographs on the market are basically inseparable from the number of star base movement. To really understand the chronograph stopwatch, you must first sort out a few chronograph movement masterpiece. The so-called basic play well, continue to grow in the future is not a problem, this article is mainly to discuss the supply of the brand as the basis of the timing of what is the powerful, and the reasons for the enduring, then come to see Your chronograph movement is listed among them.

Valjoux movement
Valjoux movement can be said to be the most popular movement of the chronograph movement, because even Rolex, Omega, Po, IWC, and so many big names are based on this movement, bringing a lot of classic watches. The name of Valjoux is derived from the abbreviation of Valle de Joux, and the movement is located in the local town. It was acquired by ETA SA Manufacture Horlogère Suisse in 1980 and was renamed ETA. The SWATCH group is the owner of this movement. Strictly speaking Valjoux just changed the name with the acquisition process. In the past, Valjoux factory production movement, one of the most talked about the Valjoux 7750, later known as ETA 7750. Valjoux 7750 movement came out in 1974, over the years common in the various brands of self-winding chronograph and complex function table to 7750 movement modified to achieve more complex features, such as date, week, month and month equal. The use of Valjoux 7750 movement of the chronograph is the most widely known for the Rolex Daytona, and the complex watch is the IWC nations of the Da Vinci series and the classic complex watch is also based on 7750, and then installed three asked the newspaper, double Second hand timing and perpetual calendar mechanism.

Venus movement
With the Valjoux to keep pace with the most classic another chronograph movement is manual winding Venus movement. Venus company was founded in 1924, due to poor management in 1969 after the collapse, and then the movement has also stopped production, so the market is very promising. Venus movement common in the 1950s and 1960s Breitling flight table with the 1990s some high-end chronograph. Venus movement has a number of models, before and after 2000 there are several brands used, the most well-known as Panerai, because it has been discontinued so only a small amount of limited edition launch, so the table fans competing collection of watches. Venus is one of the best chronographs of the mid-20th century. This 1940-year-old antique movement, polished and chamfered, was fitted with blue steel screws and shock absorbers. So that the table is equipped with Venus movement is more precious.

Minerva movement
Now mention Minerva, everyone will think of Montblanc, but Minerva formally belonged to Montblanc before, has established a good reputation and masterpiece. US-resistant movement manufacturer was founded in 1858, was born in the Jurassic Valley Villeret area. The company was founded by the watchmaker Robert Brothers in the early years, borrowed the name of the goddess of wisdom in the Roman mythology, and officially renamed Minerva after the 1929 founder family had withdrawn. The company was known for its achievements in the nineteenth century pocket watchmaking and the creative technology contribution of the 1940s in chronographs, and was used by many big names, and it was the Panerai movement supplier. Until today, the movement is also a collection of watches and clocks touted. And today’s Minerva Montblanc is the main complex watch the main source of movement, sustained active in the watch industry star movement.

Lemania movement
Lemania is also a watch brand, in 1884 by the famous watchmaker Alfred Lugrin was founded in Switzerland, in addition to production timepieces, but also to develop timing and watch movement. The history of the development process of Lemania movement has served in Longines, Breitling, Ba Qi Lai and other brands, was Breguet acquisition and other integration, was removed to SWATCH GROUP finally settled down, but the most important complex movement sector or attached to Breguet, and renamed as Manufacture Breguet, past the accumulation of time in the field of deep foundation is still active in the Breguet table. Regardless of which brand, Lemania for the brand’s chronograph to bring brilliant results. In the past, Lemania and OMEGA cooperation, the most successful example is nothing more than OMEGA was the first super calendar lunar table, it is equipped with Lemania co-developed with the number CK2915 movement. In the antique watch in addition to Lemania itself, the most in the OMEGA chronograph. In addition to OMEGA, Table 100 Patek Philippe’s 5004 chronograph is also used Lemania movement as the basic movement.

Make you a real man – buy oneself to like replica watches

Whether the order form or other, always too concerned about the opinions of others, had their own particular favorite of a watch, a friend might not look good, you shake, in fact, no need to consider so much, like their favorite, watch the essence is to wear for themselves, not for anyone else and wear.

Replica Rolex Oyster Perpetual Air-King Mens Watch 116900-71200

Watch series: King Air type

Movement Type: Automatic mechanical

Case Material: 904L stainless steel

Strap Material: 904L stainless steel

Case diameter: 40 mm

Watches Review: The new King Air type watch, it was said that the most ugly Rolex, but I think it is the most beautiful Rolex, 40 mm diameter design, 904L stainless steel case and bracelet to create, its unique design Mercedes luminous hands, one of the watch is equipped with an internal self-produced 3131 Rolex self-winding movement, the full chain can provide 48 hours power reserve, the need of special note is the watch which there are magnetic effect, which is the highlight of which watch .

Replica IWC Portuguese Chronograph Automatic Mens Watch IW371446

Watch series: Portugal Series

Movement Type: Automatic mechanical

Case material: stainless steel

Strap Material: alligator

Case diameter: 40.9 mm

Watches Review: A lot of people counted Portuguese favorite watch, but also a lot of people criticized that it is equipped with ETA7750 movement, reducing the grade watches, worth the price. In fact, as the luxury jewelry, watches, worth the price in the end is not clear indicators, so buy or see their own preferences, this watch with 40.9 mm diameter design, stainless steel case with black crocodile leather strap, internal equipped with the famous ETA7750 automatic chronograph movement, precise and durable.

Replica Omega DeVille Blue Dial Black Leather Mens Watch 431.

Watch series: Ville

Movement Type: Automatic mechanical

Case material: stainless steel

Strap Material: alligator

Case diameter: 41 mm

Watches Review: When the bright blue “watch with a remarkable blue dial with 18K white gold ring and blue when, minutes, seconds .3 position with calendar window, wear-resistant sapphire crystal of the dial to provide comprehensive protection. watch uses decorated with sapphire case within 41 mm stainless steel case with black leather strap. this watch equipped with Omega-profile 8500 coaxial movement, movement of the operation through the transparent case back clearly visible.

Summary: choose your favorite like, not too concerned about other people’s eyes, after all, the watch is worn for themselves, but also remember not bent, you must first right in the direction of a large, pay big bucks to buy some brand watch pheasants is not desirable, it may be much time to listen to their views.