Classic replica watches – Nothing can change my love for you

When we buy a classic replica watch, we feel that the object is solid and reliable investment; classic replica watches, baptism may be time did not significantly aging; classic watch, or by saying, we were able to pass it on to the next generation. So I need a son, right? In the meantime, surprise, surprise! “Classic” replica watch is no longer look like the past. It may still be the same brand, even in the same series, but it is no longer a father worn style. Times are changing, classic replica watch is also true. Classic replica watch is changing, sometimes fast like the most avant-garde designs. Do not say you did not notice: when the thing had a very simple, even the slightest changes will be very conspicuous.


The first change is the specification. 38 mm classic men’s watch is already past tense, the male to female to, replaced by a more reliable 41 mm. Indeed, diameter 44 mm, or even 47 mm, are becoming the norm. Dial follow the same trend, abandoned Discreet Charm of the 1960s. Pointer, numbers and time scale larger, more prominent, and even become three-dimensional design. As for the traditional stainless steel case, it had to give way to more precious than gold complex new materials and alloys. Similarly, the old Plexiglas was thrown out the window by a flat or convex sapphire crystal instead.

If it comes to the movement, the difference is more obvious. Once upon a time, each brand has independent movement. Then, sweeping the industry standardization, more or less, the Swiss watchmaker started with the same movement, the delivery of fashion blank blank. Today, we Douzhuan circle, back to square one. Many companies are working to develop independent movement, including some in the past seemingly never consider this move of the brand. We are talking about orthodox luxury; not only luxury, there should be prices, especially for customers.

The IWC Portofino watch: 37 mm stainless steel case classic watch, equipped with ETA movement.


Therefore, we do not see the difference between the past and the modern is almost impossible. Even if not, the rising prices are also reminding us. This brings us to another problem: the high price of brand claims from carrying independent movement, the higher the cost, the reason seems to be very full sound.

Only a masochist would pull out a credit card. That is not all. The emergence of smart watch, to enhance the brand new price models common excuse by adding non-watch functions, such as electronic payment or communicator. Quartz watch you with an embedded chip, you can use it to jump on the ski lift or lock the doors. is it necessary? not necessarily. It’s like a car dealer, is, or he, he told us, we want to buy the car will share delicious pancakes.

For this type of product, we need to understand what? We are in the end to buy a watch with a chip, or watch in the chip? Design it? It is easy to imagine that the smart watch to the latest sci-fi equipment, boldly go to the field had never been to watch. In reality, most intelligent or watch with a classic round watch styles. Like the analog dial display on the smart phone screen. A true classic watch, under pure appearance often hidden complexity. Smart watch is nothing more than an extension of the phone, met gangster villain killed or unlock girls dress (as James Bond watch) case is unhelpful.

Asked designer, reinventing classic watch dial, bezel and movement, they say, it is to adapt to changing tastes. In fact, they are expert at camouflage. Boom, their job is to design the old disguised as the latest creation; a difficult period, they will put on the new watch vintage coat. When we buy a classic watch, in addition to the purchase may have less classic watches, we have other options?

Replica Omega De Ville coaxial watch: In order to this elegant watch equipped with coaxial movement, the customer needs “bankrupt”, but the price is justified. Such as Omega said it was “one of the most sophisticated mechanical movement in the history of the production.”

Replica Longines La Grande Classic Automatic watch: name says it all, equipped with ETA movement, is allowed to remain in the series, the Swatch Group maintains unbeatable price.