Replica Breguet Tradition 7087 Minute Repeater Tourbillon watch

Since inception in 1775 the brand, Breguet virtue for its extraordinary innovation, bloom brand the true charm. With the tourbillon and two remarkable invention gong, led many innovative design for the watch industry has given a richer connotation. Traditional three repeater table timekeeping general ringing sound produced by hitting bottom until 1783, watchmaker Abraham – A.-L. Breguet first used in the movement around the wound wire, timepiece timekeeping function. This innovative technology concepts revolutionized the traditional structure of three asked timekeeping table, still come out a profound impact. Under Mr. Breguet chairman and CEO Marc A. Hayek, led by Breguet uphold the brand’s unique historical achievements, actively join the research and development, design subversion again three repeater device. 2016, Breguet Tradition handed down heavy launch series of three repeater tourbillon watch, called unprecedented innovation masterpiece, watch collectors competing to become essential scramble Pierre, meanwhile, will also Breguet in the 2016 Basel international Watch and Jewellery show, to love senior mechanical watch female fans revealed surprising masterpiece, Tradition handed down series, Classique classic series, Reine de Naples High Jewellery Naples Queen series and jewelry watches series have launched cordial ladies watch new work. The launch of the new watch not only meet female consumers look forward to advanced timepiece, Queen of France and Mali also aims to Marie-Antoinette and the king of caroline Murat and so create brand Breguet brilliant destiny distinguished female master Guzhi Jing. Breguet global tour will lead us to witness these outstanding women approached Breguet watchmaking legend and seven other closely related with the history of the brand well-known figures, the tour will continue on display at the world’s five continents, and on March 18, 2016 to March 19 Ri dazzling debut Basel international Watch and Jewellery show.

Replica Breguet Tradition 7087 Minute Repeater Tourbillon watch

2015, Breguet rely on for many years in the field of acoustics Plough to launch full transformative Replica Breguet Tradition 7087 Minute Repeater Tourbillon watch, complete an unprecedented challenge: around a preset target sounds to create superior timekeeping table. Uphold this groundbreaking design concept, when Breguet create a new count for pristine sound quality, sound unique, unprecedented timepiece called art. After careful tuning to further improve the sound quality and performance, which makes the series handed down Replica Breguet Tradition 7087 Minute Repeater Tourbillon watch bloom again charm. The current release of the final section was designed, to be on sale before the end of the year.

Compared excellent complex function watch, Replica Breguet Tradition 7087 Minute Repeater Tourbillon watch brand integrate many research results, set a number of innovations in one. To create this excellent extraordinary watch, Breguet design engineers painstaking scientific research and development, and ultimately break the sound components presents the perfect timekeeping problems. They use specially developed sound producing device, carried out as many as 200,000 kinds of audio synthesis experiments, and based on psychoacoustic criteria for classification. After repeated listening to these sounds and evaluation, the final selection of the most appropriate target sounds. Then according to this option, proceed to watch the development and construction. This unprecedented design as well as watches sound knowledge and understanding of the parameters, which determine when the meter production aspects, including innovative use of technology integration, as well as the selection of watchmaking parts. Proud of it is that this section handed down series Tradition 7087 Minute Repeater Tourbillon brings together six new patented technologies and innovative elements of the five areas of mechanical watches timekeeping unprecedented.

As one of Breguet’s great invention, the gong is three repeater device core components, this watch its completely redesigned. Gongs in the movement generally wound around by a hammer hitting a horizontal direction; this, the gong is secured to the bezel, striking the vertical direction by the hammer. With this innovative structure because the sapphire crystal and bezel in the vertical vibration can produce the best effect beeps. Hammer in the direction of movement from the vertical to the bezel percussion gong can promote the transmission of vibration to the radiating elements and the formation of air vibrations. Hammers construction also imaginative. Due to the structure of the hammer throws gong vibration, in order to prevent the hammers rebound hinder gong vibration, three repeater devices often use a buffer springs. However, the buffer gossamer downside is that it will be partially offset by the striking force of the hammer. To this end, the watchmaker Breguet invented a semi-active damper, after the completion of the hammer percussion play a role, to avoid secondary percussion, so that the hammer to maintain maximum power.

Replica Breguet Tradition 7087 Minute Repeater Tourbillon watch gong has another unusual place: shaped like a lobe, the special design can make sounds fuller, more long lasting tone. According to acoustic research lasted more than ten years, gongs and the case made of the same material as rose gold or platinum alloy, and plated rhodium treatment. For the benefit of three repeater conduction vibration, sound spring is fixed to the bezel. No bezel firmly embedded in the case, but the use of three screws securing the post to the outer edge of the case. Since this column can free vibration three screws, bezel and sapphire crystal gong and to achieve resonance, the effective transmission of low frequency beep; the same time, the case can be better conducted high-frequency beep, the overall sound more full.

As Classique La Musicale 7800 watches, the new series Tradition 7087 handed down in the inside of the case has a tune called “Helmholtz resonator”, can increase the volume three repeater device while filtering the sound emitted by machinery I can see what all surrounded by eight small holes under the bottom cover on the bezel. Tune configuration is ideal in order to produce audio sound resonance to achieve the desired. Tune rectangular side, around the entire movement, the movement will be separated only by a layer of a thin film and the outside air. 7800 glass and metal films using different film 7087 using a layer of gold, sapphire crystal attached to the bottom cover. Through the bottom, precision operation movement panoramic view.

In addition to the stunning and innovative design, this series handed down Breguet Tradition Répétition Minutes Tourbillon Minute Repeater Tourbillon watches Classique La Musicale and uses the same magnetic regulator. This patented system is constituted by a silver weight, surrounded by magnets placed around the periphery of the regulator. When weight passes under the magnet, the magnetic field generates an opposite current. The faster the speed, the greater the resistance; and vice versa. Thus, regardless of acceleration or deceleration, you will encounter the same repulsive force, to ensure constant speed. Another advantage of the magnetic regulator: the elimination of noise. In this arrangement Breguet exclusive research and development, the mechanical parts do not touch each other, to ensure absolute silence. La Musicale series of watches with different, Tradition handed down three repeater series Tourbillon magnetic regulator decoration more beautiful, you can see the whole picture from the dial side, rather than hidden under the case. After repeated calculation and improve the final three repeater system with perfect integration. Itabashi movement main plate and are made of titanium, with the appropriate part size, and can be filtered to remove noise timekeeping devices spread from the inside out.

In addition to unique technological innovation, Replica Breguet Tradition 7087 Minute Repeater Tourbillon watch also aims to pay tribute to a long history, it is particularly well equipped with tourbillon device with automatic winding Functions annular automatic Tuo. Start timekeeping mechanism, usually requires a special driver to pull the slider; in paragraph watch, just gently press the button to start the bayonet, clever place is amazing. Three questions from the barrel to the energy transfer between the timekeeping means to achieve by means of the chain, which is exactly the same with the famous No. 160 pocket watch, gold pocket watch designed for the Queen of France and Marie-Antoinette customization, treasure chi Release engraved version in 2008.