Casio G-SHOCK Burning Sum

With the Casio G-SHOCK brakes continue to heat up, all walks of life street fashion people full of fire, in a seat of the sun in the city to create ABSOLUTE TOUGHNESS tough more than exciting.

As the 2017 “not hot do not fight” hard-hit event watch, G-SHOCK “BURNING SUN City of the Sunshine” series will be brilliant flame into the creative inspiration. Golden as the sun of light, black symbol of cool tide and full of power of the city street sports. Meaning the sun under the street movement up to the wrist, the perpetual action of the sun like the light.

Full range of dials are gradually color processing, strap with double-layer technology. Both anti-shock anti-magnetic function, to deal with street sports at any time may occur in the fierce collision. Excellent waterproof function, so that under the sun without sweat swell. Countdown and stopwatch function, not only for the timing of the match, weekday endurance training is also very practical.

Replica Casio GA-400BY-1A, dynamic light crown dial.
Red orange, such as the sun crown, so that nowadays popular large dial more eye-catching, full of street fashion bold publicity. Bezel from outside and inside, the color layer of light, so that the visual sense of a sense of hierarchy. GA-400BY-1A in the details of the very emphasis on echo, the outer ring and crown with the same tone. Design is also commendable, double display is not only able to calendar time at a glance, more dynamic personality. And easy to control the rotation of the crown, so that school and countdown and other functions of the use of more convenient.

Replica Casio GA-110BY-1A, burning gold pointer.
As the G-SHOCK super popular GA-110 series of new color, GA-110BY-1A in the pure black by adding the sun’s light color. Quasi-point jumping bright yellow, highlighting the power of the street movement. The hollow pointer is the use of progressive color, such as the tentacles of the sun flames, the hot passion into the wrist, but also make time to read more quickly and easily identify.

Replica Casio AWG-M100SBY-1A, strong defense of the photoelectric energy
Compared to the first two designs on the bold and warm, AWG-M100SBY-1A is to reveal the athletic calm in the other side. Two needle three simple design, clearly show the function. This watch special emphasis on internal strength, in addition to conventional functions, but also equipped with 6 Bureau of radio and solar power function, to ensure the school at the same time, easy to solve the problem of life. Its luminous and power indicator function, but also enhance the practicality of the watch and experience.

Replica Casio GW-M5610BY-1, 6 Bureau of the strength of the radio
As the only five digital dial in the five, GW-M5610BY-1 continuation of the G-SHOCK classic design, and to highlight the bright yellow bezel focused on this finishing touch. Function is also very outstanding, equipped with the global 6 Bureau of radio waves can be received from different parts of the world’s six stations of the signal, to ensure more accurate time. Equipped with solar panels, even the weak fluorescent light source can also be converted into electricity to ensure long-term stable operation of the watch. Automatic electronic fluorescent lighting, to ensure that any light conditions can be clearly read.

Replica Casio GA-700BY-1A, Fun color street personality
At first glance will be GA-700BY-1A color to attract, cool feeling of pure black and high saturation of bright yellow, so that the visual strong shock. The whole point to red orange stressed, lit the street personality, but also to read more clearly. Equipped with high-brightness LED lighting, even if the light is very weak environment, the time is in control. Unique pointer dodge function, then ensure that the LCD display to provide accurate data, not to be blocked by the pointer to improve the convenience of data read.

“Stunt different, hot as one” G-SHOCK “BURNING SUN sun city” series, not only for ABSOLUTE TOUGHNESS tough more than the spirit of the transmission, but also under the sun in the streets of the pioneers break through the self, shining personality wrist exclusive The