Replica Montblanc Bohème collection Day & Night watch

Month, is not only quiet night in the light of hope, but also to witness the eternal cycle of seasons Change, but no time moonlight become creators muse, turned into pure moving art Pierre – Montblanc moonlight garden for inspiration, to create a new Bohème Moongarden collection, the romantic poetic feeling infuse Ms. watches, fine jewelry and writing instruments among the US interpretation of modern women.

Following last year for the first time since the launch Bohème collection watch works, Montblanc has always been committed to the complex financial chronograph watch with a lady, and by a more delicate presentation, modern women meet the increasing aesthetic and functional requirements. In addition to the classic watch works, Bohème Moongarden collection moon phase watch to become the biggest highlight of the month display window presented by the crescent above the dial, like a crescent moon suspended in the air, it is a reflection of soft natural glow. Its subtlety lies: Montblanc by rich imagination, twelve full moons were ordered with exclusive name so poetic feelings month display, moon phase is displayed in the window at 6 o’clock.

Replica Montblanc Bohème collection Day & Night watch

Montblanc Bohème collection set women watch day and night show graceful temperament, wearing practicality, superb tabulation process and top aesthetic standards in one, it is the perfect companion for modern women. This small complex watch romantic and charming, a unique machine carved carved dial pure and elegant, refreshing. Unique day and night display function can be accurately informed of the specific time of day or night the wearer. Crafted blue sky with golden sun representative of the day, and deep dark blue sky with light smiling moon represents the night, combined with scattered stars, it is beautiful and moving. With advanced complex features self-winding movement not only can be set according to the corresponding sunrise and sunset times precise, more perfect solution to the traditional calendar in the tuning process, the date due to inability to distinguish between day and night time display produced in advance jump noon transfer case.

Bohème Moongarden collection jewelry

Bohème Moongarden collection of silver jewelry will rhodium material and having a Japanese pearl rainbow color perfectly integrated in order to exhibit soft and hazy moonlight unique beauty. Sizes scattered pearls connected in series between necklaces, bracelets and earrings, just as the moon phase changes like a wonderful and fascinating. Simple design also makes the work very modern, it highlights the independent spirit of respect for individuality Bohème lady.

Writing Instruments Bohème collection

The new Bohème Moongarden collection is intended to render the writing instrument under a full moon resplendent colors: golden pen body with flannel gray paint as tone, covered with leaves of red and gold paint type, as under the full moon, autumn leaves falling elegant, perfectly capturing the autumn Italian feelings. Rose plated body and gold pen nib with flannel gray resin cap ablaze appropriate, place the clip is studded with a golden jewel, emitting a brilliant full moon. Retractable rhodium-plated nib Au750 rose gold, crafted by master in Hamburg, Germany Montblanc pens workshop masters made, every detail reflects the top quality Montblanc pursuit. Bohème Moongarden collection include writing instruments ink pen, ballpoint pen and, showing perfect meaning.

Replica Montblanc boheme collection U111056 date automatic watches

A few days ago before a woman on the analysis of the market and consumer demand for the article, the article said consumer industry more than 80 percent of decisions are women call the shots, to a certain extent, it can be said, as long as basic to please female consumers get consumer industries. “Ourselves a little better,” a young generation spending habits; the Chinese women greater economic independence, more than hold up half the sky, in Shanghai, Beijing and other cities and even half of the sky. Next 5–10 years, we will enter the pursuit of individuality, loyal to the brand of “small time.”

Do not say clothing, perfumes, bags and other so many women crazy objects, say small series where the watch industry, the market throughout the female form, and fashion jewelry table table two years but the rapid surge in popularity. More and more women in the workplace and in life requires a more delicate taste of decorative packaging yourself to live more arbitrary and more comfortable. Since the evaluation done since, only we had a female form NOMOS Reviews, happened to want a female form Reviews, Montblanc Boheme collection came.

Montblanc Boheme collection by the effort to build, in the fall of 2014, put into the market. A female friend of welfare, this series designed for women, is very particular about the watches show the femininity and glamor, is a rare ladies watches. In recent years, the female form thriving market, consumers will pay more attention to female mechanical watches in the future. There are many brands to realize women’s interest in complex function mechanical watches in growing, have put more effort in research and development of the female form, Montblanc is one of them.

The Montblanc Boheme collection date self-winding watch women size 30, fine shiny stainless steel case, lugs is my favorite one of the lugs, inlaid Montblanc white five-pointed star within a small crown logo, black and white with a very conspicuous , details of the deal very easy way out, you can see the delicate mind Montblanc watchmaking.

Silver dial are two design styles, the central dial decorated with carvings, the outer ring of the dial is a simple no-frills white dial, dial so vivid perspective on a lot.

Curlicue Arabic numerals, in particular for the female form, it is a lot of soft elegance. “Filet sauté” minute scale decorated with carvings central dial, not eye-catching, but also just the right edge of the dial so that does not seem monotonous. In addition to the time scale on the dial 3,6,9,12 four other timing are decorated with diamonds, a touch of luxury, not a little tacky.

6:00 bit curved calendar window, the entire DNA is one of the most striking Boheme collection. I have to say, Boheme collection which is designed to be in the end of an arcuate shape.

Montblanc Boheme collection female form since launched in 2014, it came under scrutiny. The high-Ya Mingli light luxury table, whether the wearer is still gathering attended the banquet among friends, I think it can fit appear in these occasions. Plus watch equipped with automatic movement, through the sapphire crystal case back, movement is Mimi da, which is also the pursuit of beautiful quartz watch in the most number of female compatriots can be more than a raised level.

At last, Replica Montblanc boheme collection U111056 date automatic watches pleasantly surprised to you.