Patek Philippe Split Seconds Chronograph 5950A and Replica Patek Philippe watches

2010 Baselworld, Patek Philippe introduced the double after needle single button chronograph stainless steel models 5950A ,, it uses incredible CHR 27-525PS movement , and was, and still is, the thinnest column-wheel chronograph movement; 5950A is hot Patek Philippe stainless steel watch — thing to hope for your, Patek Philippe has always done very little steel table. Therefore, the ultimate success of collectors and enthusiasts praise senior watch, recognized as a pure classic Patek Philippe style.

5950A dual chronographs stopwatch elegant shape for the cushion-shaped, stainless steel case with a size of 37 × 44.6 mm, 30 meters waterproof. Case side 2 o’clock position is a single square button chronograph, after needle used to perform the function, the shape of the absolute smoothness and complexity of Patek Philippe consistently high standard. 3:00 Watch crown a single button to start, stop and reset the timer;

Sapphire crystal naturally cushion-shaped, slightly hunched, and back is similar. Thus, we can appreciate the simple operation mechanism stunning world’s thinnest column-wheel split-seconds chronograph. There are vines with a similar style black dial Glyph ring movement solid machine. I believe that those who had a taste of the beauty of the movement of the main table will not want to replace the solid bottom of the table.

The table with hand-stitched brown alligator strap, pin buckle but is actually made of 18K white gold, decorated with black lacquer carving, similar patterns on the dial and the movement of those frameworks.

5950A dial showing a silver matt gloss, polished stainless steel case with shiny dark match. Slim track minute scale dial and outline the technical features dual chase seconds chronograph. Round four corners minute scale dial and bezel between the cushion-shaped also adds a touch of elegance and refinement of black finish carving. Platinum Quality hands are treated to black oxide, even Breguet numerals also blackened. Two circular sub-dial with complex guilloche patterns: Running seconds dial at 9 o’clock, 60 minutes counter at 3 o’clock.

Patek Philippe launched in 2005 CHR 27-525 PS is the world’s thinnest split-seconds column-wheel chronograph movement, and as usual, the movement’s name has a story: 27 mm diameter, 5.25 mm high and small seconds.

Patek Philippe was established in 2003, a separate department dedicated to the development of the Patek Philippe first proprietary chronograph movement. Their goal is not to break the record; it is exploring the Patek Philippe Chronograph future, we are witnessing the creative solutions. Each CHR 27-525 PS movement are handmade of Haute Horlogerie studio’s chipped. Each movement components are made chamfering, polishing, adjustments finalized. When all the components are ready, they are assembled together, all the features of this after the test. Then open the entire movement. Once completed, all parts have been carefully cleaned, they re-assembly, lubricate and fine-tuning – making it one of the super complex function of movement Patek Philippe best.

Of course, all these details are perfect at a price – the price more than 440,000 Swiss francs, frankly — very expensive, but very limited number 5950A annual production of 2014 added a new face plate option, but only stainless steel models production was discontinued in 2015, now only red gold models in the sale.But you can choose other replica Patek Philippe watches.

Replica Patek Philippe watches to experience luxury fahsion

Patek Philippe has always been superimposed chronograph complication known, such as calendar chronograph, perpetual calendar chronograph, world time chronograph there this year, of which the king is the double chronograph perpetual calendar watches. 2016 Basel Watch Fair, PP updated double chronographs, perpetual calendar 5204, launched a rose gold 5204R-001.

Now produced Ref.5204 was first launched in 2012, took over in 5004 has been discontinued, except in size from 36.7 mm to 40 mm, the movement is also upgraded from Lemania chronograph movement based fully integrated self-produced chronograph movement, but before only platinum models 5204P, a time scale is black gold flour hands of 5204P-001, is a black-faced models 5204P-011. The new watches released this year appears to be substituted flour disc 5204P-001, both with white opaline dial, but now, using a new rose gold case and match pointer and scale.

5204 people love-hate relationship dial layout, similar to the layout of the dial chronograph watch calendar 5270, other PP calendar watches are basically the leap year indication and integrated into the circadian time-dial in 5204 in order to improve readability, and keep drive time as neat, the leap year indication on 4:30 small round window, indicating the day and night at the 7:30 arranged a small round hole; at 12 o’clock or Patek Philippe common calendar week and month window.

Dial the root of the change is a new production base chronograph movement CH 29-535 (can be found in 5170,5270 or 5370). Patek Philippe 5204R, on the basis of double-tracking needle movement is superimposed and calendar function module is CHR 29-535 PS Q.

It is a chain calendar double column wheel, horizontal clutch double chronographs chronograph movement on the one hand. Having a diameter of 32 mm, a thickness of only 8.7 mm, drilling 34, 496 parts, vibration frequency of 28,800 VPH, Gyromax balance wheel, power reserve is 65 hours.

CHR 29-535 PS Q classical structure (manual winding, column-wheel, double-tracking needle) and modern technology (patent toothed wheels and modern 4 Hz frequency) the perfect combination. As the top watch, the movement parts are all fine grinding, of course, won the Patek Philippe Dual P mark, timing-related fine steel parts is simply delightful. Its two seconds after needle push rod of the clutch lever mechanism operates most enjoy playing: Once the chronograph hand is stopped at a lap time position, two seconds after needle push rod from the clutch lever will immediately double seconds after needle from the timing gear wheel . Since this break two seconds after needle advance connecting rods and heart-shaped cam between stopping two seconds after needle gear will not affect the balance wheel amplitude.

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Replica Patek Philippe watches – Die Another Day

Many mechanical watch will provide a calendar function, but ordinary calendar features need to be manually adjusted at the end of each month, in order to ensure the accuracy of the date display. By the 18th century, watchmaker Breguet invented the calendar means by sophisticated gear, rocker and forks calendar table without having to manually adjust the wearer to correctly display the date, even at the end of February each year can automatically jump. 200 years perpetual calendar, although after much improved, still requires a lot of precision driving rocker and fork. A huge number of components and complicated production process, a direct result of years of complex form, yield rare, but the price is high, and even have no market price. In view of this, when Mr. Ren • Philip Stern, president of Patek Philippe’s behest in the early nineties the company development department to design a price close to the people, high performance, easy-to-calendar table.

With Ref. 5035 at the 1996 Basel International Watch and Jewellery Show debut, Patek Philippe Annual Calendar has finally opened a mysterious veil. The Jingshizhizuo won the praise of industry experts and the public in the fall of that year to win the Swiss “Montres Passion” magazine’s “Watch of the Year”, won the title the following year and welcomed to the Year of the timepiece. On the commercial side, the same access to the calendar table watch enthusiasts and collectors of all ages to become one of mechanical watches, Patek Philippe watches and the whole industry’s best-selling.

Although the Calendar a birth will get excellent sales performance, but Patek Philippe has not stalled, but with their own extraordinary ability in watchmaking terms, the introduction of many with other complex functions calendar watches, thereby forming a complete calendar series timepieces, to meet different customer needs.

Calendar With reliable performance, ease of use and elegant design has become to create a “utility complicated watches,” the first of its kind in the sincerity of. Because in all gears to create a simple calendar system structure, easy maintenance, make Patek Philippe calendar with automatic switching function in the count when the price has never been so close to the people, as well as the wearer everyday life tangible convenience.

From 1996 to 2016, Patek Philippe during two decades released a total of 22 calendar watch, not only for Patek Philippe’s success has made an indelible contribution, also witnessed the complex function mechanical watch revival in the past twenty years! Say “decade sword,” Patek Philippe Annual Calendar watch series after two decades of carefully honed, unparalleled in the world has become a two-edged “sword”, ask who can contend with!

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Replica Patek Philippe World Time watch 5230

At Baselworld 2016, the 80-year-old tradition of Patek Philippe World Time watch released a new generation version Ref. 5230, when the function is one of the world’s most popular PP to create complex watch. The upgrade PP movement has not changed, but the redesigned case, dial and hands.

Glossary: ​​world time
Under conditions of modern international lifestyle, intercontinental travel is increasingly popular, with multiple time zones indication of mechanical watches popular, which can only display two time zones is GMT when the two functions, can display 24 world time zones of the world when the function, which is the last century super watchmaker Louis Cottier (1894-1966) in the 1930s introduced the world time design patent intermediate ring, which is not only able to display the local time, and in time all 24 time zones other major Earth can visualize unique mechanism of time — the so-called “world time.”

PP world Brief History
In 1937, Patek Philippe accordingly launch of its first “World Time” watches, namely red gold 515 series;
In 1939, Patek Philippe has launched the world time function 1415HU watches;
The mid-1960s, gradually stop the production of the watch factory watch functions (Last Shipment is 2523HU and 2523/1 series);
In 2000, PP was re-launched a new design of the “World Time” watches 5110.
In 2006, the year the factory 1415HU hours of needle retro design (endless sword-shaped hour and minute hands), applied on a surface of 5130 a new generation of world series.
2016, ten years later, PP introduced a whole new generation of world watch 5230.

2016, Patek Philippe redesigned world watches 5230, holding many of the basic features of the previous generation 5130, but updated the overall style. We first look at the same point: still the method of Louis Cottier invention, the world 24 city ring display all time zones, or through the 10 o’clock position of the button fast zone ring and hour, it can simultaneously display the home time and the current time zone.

Movement automatic movement of production or PP 240 HU, dimensions: diameter 27.5 mm, height: 3.88 mm, which is a mini-revolution with a 22K ultra-thin self-winding tourbillon movement — handy Why should I change it ? But with the new dual-P certification embodiment, the movement now has one day -3 to +2 seconds precision, vibration frequency 21600vph, with 48 hours power reserve, and free sprung balance wheel and Gyromax Spiromax gossamer advanced technology, It is a beautifully polished, functional and practical good movement.

The main changes in the new generation of Patek Philippe watch 5230 world appearance. Case Optional rose gold or white gold, 38.5 mm smaller than the previous generation Calatrava case of a mm, but the thickness of 1 mm has increased faster, back to a more retro shape size, but small aircraft wing lugs and narrow polished bezel design bolder. Appearance also changed hands, it has now become a hollow sharp design represents the Southern Cross constellation hour and elongated diamond hour.

Patek Philippe World Time watch dial either enamel surface is either a simple entry-level machine engrave Niusuo lines. 5230 New World when the museum borrowed an old pocket watch PP lines, now the center of the disk is more complex weave baskets Niusuo lines. Clearly more compelling, as the top brand, always dial Niusuo lines Niusuo antique hand-carved out of the machine.Replica Patek Philippe World Time watch 5230