Classic and timeless elegant father love – Replica Zenith Elite

Father, for the young of us, quiet, such as the brother – his deep, fingertips burning lit the most comfortable tobacco aroma; his reason, strong arm solid rock, is the most reliable whistling Of the shelter. Father, for adults after we, moving, such as children – he is lovely, the younger generation has grown, every day for him to bring infinite fresh breath and surprise; he was surprised, never thought that one day will grow up with the “brother” To explore the unknown, epoch-making, he would be like a rejuvenated. This relationship, father and son, or brother, in fact the same. At the time of the arrival of Father’s Day in 2017, the Zenith watch will be like the father of the father’s love condensed between the square inch, one minute in the flow of the father is wide and gradually back, is the child mature The shoulder.

Zenith has a long history of more than 150 years of watchmaking, and always adhere to the independent manufacturing machinery movement, constantly updated technology, with the Swiss top watchmaking process for the rest of the world watch manufacturers to create a personality style of the wrist love treasures, Three pairs of father and son watch sincere gift Father’s Day, is thousands of father and son, such as brother-like thick alcohol family the most sincere legendary gift.

Zenith Pilot pilot series watch the vast sky of the long fatherly love
Father is the closest brother of the child, most understand you, most like you, he gave you the first toy plane, you play on the grass, like two children as the first vacated excitement. You are the little plane that aircraft, flying in the father’s vast sky like love. The child is the father of the most chic witty brother, the first time to take the risk of throwing his father riding the car out of playing cool, but also can not be found safe. Zenith by Pilot pilot series watch to countless Jieao father and son gift. Born with the noble descent and a hundred years of inheritance watch style, to show the glory of the glory of the glory and conquest of the sky. Fluorescent Zhuo face pointer is not only clear when reading, but also for the watch to add a trace of retro temperament. Father love so, towering and broad blue and wide.

Father is the most intelligent brother of the child, he seems omniscient, omnipotent, teach you countless skills. Remember the first time you can not go with the club and you play billiards, the father told you “in the future to be a gentleman.” The child is the father of the latest wave of brothers, accompanied by the old naughty boy out of today all the stars of the stars, the ultimate and pure. Zenith Chronomaster watch series of superb craftsmanship is the ultimate pure love of the perfect performance, very legendary, the world’s most accurate El Primero chronograph movement, can be vibrated 10 times per second, which can be accurate to 1/10 Sec, and a variety of colors applied to the dial of the three timers, complex but simple but direct, full of deep deep love.

Father is the most quiet brother, like chess chess, you come to me between the black and white, silent is gentle. For decades, always that pen and white letterhead, is always a postman handwritten letters, time ticking, years flies, father and son love thick, has become a classic, sincere and magnanimous, never left. Zenith to accompany the goods, handed down for the Elite elite series of watches dedicated to his father, to express the classic timeless, elegant low-key sincere feelings. This classic watch loyal to the Zenith heritage, using Elite self-winding movement, the new 39 mm ultra-thin case with pure and simple curved dial, and the configuration of exquisite long pointer, the perfect show Zenith the true quality.

Replica Zenith Elite Port Royal V Dual Time swiss-automatic mens Watch
#Brand, Seller, or Collection Name – Zenith
#Display Type – Analog
#Case material – Stainless steel
#Case diameter – 38 millimeters
#Band length – 7 1/4 inches
#Dial color – Black
#Movement – Swiss automatic

Knowledge of maintenance Replica Zenith El Primero watches

In 1865, watch factory founder GeorgesFavre-Jacot in order to plan the most accurate and reliable watch, all the watchmaking process together, so that production skills to keep growing updates. The first comprehensive watch factory on the watchmaking period was born, and the foundation of Zenith’s relentless pursuit was to bring the precise timing to the limit. In 150 years, the brand is still uphold the start-up energy of the founder, to become the best chronological category of the leader, received a total of 2,333 awards. Zenith watch works condensate cutting-edge skills, become a milestone in today’s watchmaking history. So far the brand already has as many as 300 patents, a total of 600 models developed a variety of movement, all the movement by the watch factory research and development and production.

Zenith watch watch case of real care when the watch case, watch the table to be often clean, washable with warm water. Sweat, dirt, etc. will corrupt the surface of the watch material, and can cause individual skin allergies. Newly bought real power when the watch to tear off the cover on the cover film, or sweat will remain in the center after the corruption cover. Really force the watch to stop the fight of all kinds of chemicals, once encountered, to real-time wash clean, so as not to cause the coating discoloration, loss or other loss.

Zenith watch straps stop fighting with moisture and moisture to prevent discoloration and deformation. Zenith watch strap to stop the long exposure to the sun, to prevent fading. Because the real watch when the watch belt cortex easy to penetrate the excretion, to stop with oil-based substances or cosmetics to fight. Will be true when the watch watch once a year to conduct a waterproof test and surface wash. Machine movement of the real time table, every 3 to 5 years to do a machine maintenance. So not only the watch is always in a good running state, but also useful to extend its life. But the above nursed back to health services are only used as usual, usually wear the watch under the environment, does not include in the normal wear or by the impact of the environment and other watch.

Replica Zenith El Primero Chronograph Automatic Watch
#Brand, Seller, or Collection Name – Zenith
#Part Number – 03.2040.400 / 53.M2040
#Item Shape – Round
#Display Type – Analog
#Case diameter – 42 millimeters
#Case Thickness – 12.75
#Band Material – Stainless Steel
#Dial color – Blue
#Bezel material – Fixed Stainless Steel
#Calendar – Date display at the 6 o’clock position
#Movement – Automatic
#Water resistant depth – 100 Meters

Replica Zenith Heritage Pilot Café Racer watch

Replica Zenith Pilot Series Add to watches hardcore personality. The large 45 mm stainless steel case equipped with rich antique legendary El Primero 4069 automatic winding chronograph movement, it also brings great clarity when reading a retro dial. Heritage Pilot Café Racer to become the stylish and powerful strength of that iconic watches one, no less. It’s masculine charm and strong mechanical structure inject fresh personality for this watch the “Café Racer” Spirit: In the pursuit of speed and freedom, also insisted on the independence and pure flavor.

Replica Zenith Heritage Pilot Café Racer watch two drive time on a gray dial decorated with a grain pattern rotation rule, the top cover curved sapphire crystal. Faceted perspective pointer and figures are covered with beige luminous coating.

Sounded the clarion call of freedom
Retain the original character and perseverance style while revealing retro feeling. Under streamlined shell, high-performance power unit shock endless. Replica Zenith Heritage Pilot Café Racer watch design inspiration from 1920s British blown “Café Racer” Knight trend. At the time, young and rebellious knights class pursuit of speed and full of personality motorcycle on Britain’s roads from one cafe to another cafe racing racing. To this end, they modify their driving seat, discard all unnecessary burden, in order to allow the engine to maximize power well prepared. Single-seat, low handlebars, lightweight and easy to control, shaping the exposed machinery, emphasizes practicality of rugged appearance.

Replica Zenith Heritage Pilot Café Racer watch with luminous Arabic numerals at large scale and large recess screw-in crown, the unique retro tone and reveal exhaustive.

Replica Zenith watches evoke these new modified motorcycle very sense of speed, originality and strong personality full of free will. Retro steel to build the case, and various properties inherited from Pilot watches – when large scale and large luminous Arabic numerals recess screw-in crown, but will reveal a unique retro tone exhaustive. Two drive time on a gray dial decorated with a grain pattern rotation rule, the top cover curved sapphire crystal. Faceted perspective pointer and figures are covered with beige luminous coating, water resistant to 100 meters titanium case back engraved with “Café Racer Spirit” indication.

Aging of the stainless steel case, diameter 45 mm, charcoal gray face plate, hours, minutes, small seconds, chronograph, El Primero 4069 automatic winding movement, vibration frequency of 36,000 VpH (5 Hz), power reserve 50 hours , sapphire crystal, after the titanium case back, waterproof 100 meters, nubuck (nubuck) leather strap.

Legend Power
Practical appearance for speeding on the highway, and repeated adjustments and amendments, Café Racer motorcycle spirit on Heritage Pilot Café Racer watch movement dripping reproduction. I should not be here much burden: technology, exceptional performance and high accuracy is legendary While the core of the movement. Zenith launch in 1969 of the most precise chronograph movement series, El Primero 4069 automatic winding chronograph movement inherited its former glory, with up to 36,000 times per hour vibration alarming rate, so time display can be accurate to 1/10 of a second . When a central, minutes, small seconds at 9 o’clock and chronograph, power reserve of 50 hours or more. With rubber lining oil wax suede leather strap with titanium pin buckle, giving more prominence to watch pure nature, so only the beauty and rugged mechanical clock amplifier dazzled watch lovers.

Heritage Pilot Café Racer watch design inspiration from 1920s British blown “Café Racer” Knight trend.

ZENITH: origins in 1865, professional watchmaker
150 years, Zenith connoisseurs and enthusiasts around the world to create both good appearance and lean content of the watch. Zenith watch factory founded by watchmakers Georges Favre-Jacot visionary in 1865, in the development process of a half-century, with its precision timing means rapid rise, has so far received 2,333 entries chronograph awards. 1969 integrated column-wheel chronograph movement El Primero automatic launch, to make the brand famous. The movement of 36,000 vibrations per hour, to ensure that their measurements accurate to 1/10 of a second, Zenith watch factory more on this basis, developed more than 600 different models of movement. Zenith has always occupied in the traditional luxury watch brand in place, adhere completely self-movement, which is the extraordinary quality of the ultimate proof. Actively participate in a variety of classic retro antique cars and other fields, Zenith now is discerningly watch lovers carefully crafted timeless watches. Classic Zenith watch factory owned by heritage, watchmaking tradition, the passion and the pursuit of excellence in quality, but also reflects the brand slogan -Legend Lives Forever.