Classic Fusion Berluti Scritto – replica Hublot

Time flies, leaving traces of the years and the memories, father as a book, you need to carefully read and even more cherished. Time sharpening and baptism, not only acquired a mature father wise calm magnanimity, leaving them to achieve a successful career compatible with the quality of life both in the journey of life. Father’s Day 2016, the value, Hublot century Paris to join family Berluti shoes father writing to fine elegant classic fusion Berluti Scritto time bearing watch, pen deep meaning affectionate tribute to father. Table Berluti using iconic Venezia Scritto calfskin belt engraved with the ancient art of calligraphy of the 18th century, tobacco dial tone leather retro presented with the case of Wang noble color complement each other in time and space between the emotional experience of classical and modern integration.

This cooperation with the Hublot brand Berluti is in the classical tradition, the courage to challenge, to explore the unique watchmaking materials and a quality journey. Classic 45 mm diameter fused Berluti Scritto limited collection of 250 watches, equipped HUB1100 self-winding mechanical movement, the strap is made of calf leather Venezia Scritto engraved calligraphy character through time to pay tribute to the 18th century, the art of calligraphy, writing to his father endless love. Yi Yi exquisite watch collection box table bearing and with a leather care equipment, interpretation of the intentions of “Heritage Classic” meaning.

The classic collision with sublimation of wisdom and inspiration created from the fusion of Berluti Scritto watch highlights the full range of both brands in the tradition of interpretation between the classical and modern contemporary unique feelings, warm writing Hublot “Art of Fusion” truth, deserved to become the first choice among his father’s wrist!

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