Colorful replica Longines watches in your life

Longines to add new season colors. Refined and elegant mini watch – Longines diamond jewelry mini-series table, with coral red, champagne gold, lavender and other four top jazz black leather strap, shining above the wrist, become small and elegant jewelry accessories, perfect show women of different elegant look. In addition, Longines will launch a special wine with red alligator leather strap Longines new watches passionate series of New Year designated to represent both festive red and passionate romance, romantic atmosphere of the New Year and Valentine’s Day.

Since its inception, Longines watches passionate praise of a happy life is a hymn. The new series of passionate Longines watches New Year given surface radiation pattern design with the use of Roman numerals, reveal timeless classic in a contemporary fashion, burgundy leather strap was added to this beautiful life passion and joy festive elements, giving life to another half soulful. Female form with more detailed strap, showing sweet and independent modern woman’s unique temperament. Table diameter 20.5 mm wide, 32 mm long, and the surface radiation pattern design with Roman numerals, stainless steel case mounted L176 quartz movement, sapphire crystal. Water resistant to 30 meters.

Longines Longines top watchmaking to create mini-series diamond jewelry watches, specifically designed for women, this jewelry watch diameter 16 mm, round case elaborately inlaid 42 Top-Wesselton VVS top diamonds, white the mother of pearl face plate with four top diamonds time scale, like a piece of jewelry art flash on the wrist, at any occasion can distribute feminine, bright and charming. In addition, Longines in different colors of leather strap top women show different style, different personalities of women can find their own mini-series Longines diamond jewelry table.

Longines mini-series diamond jewelry watch quartz movement L298.2 by the responsible driver. Four diamond scale and rhodium-plated hands decorated white mother of pearl face plate. Diamond bezel surround a row, it becomes a real jewelry table. The Longines diamond jewelry mini-series table with coral red skin strap watches, showing warm, with this spring and summer fashion wind aristocratic Victorian dress, mini series Longines diamond jewelry inlaid table top exquisite diamonds , add some sense of innocence and naive Xuhua Li, a girl with a little wayward breath is the most fascinating.

Redskins coral bracelet watches like fire sign of warm, with this spring and summer fashion wind aristocratic Victorian dress, mini series Longines diamond jewelry inlaid table top exquisite diamonds, add in a little naive innocence gorgeous sense of breath with little girls is the most wayward charm.

Champagne gold leather strap watch is like the wind like a constellation of grace and elegance, aristocratic style interpretation. Everyday life unbeaten classic cotton dress or shirt with, the natural expression of elegance; dinner parties with a neat cut evening dress, mini-series compact Longines diamond jewelry table transformed into jewelry accessories, reveal elegant lady style.

Lavender Purple strap watches tell exactly what water signs gentle and quiet, with a soft and elegant floral chiffon long dress, mini-series Longines diamond jewelry table showing the ultimate romantic, while the mosaic on the top watch diamonds flashing a charming glory in the quiet elegance, exudes aristocratic ladies introverted temperament.

Sir black earth sign is if low-key fashion, with hollow design clothes and jacket, jeans or single Ningbu material, mini-series Longines diamond jewelry watch strap black jazz interpretation of fashion personality style, and watch on top diamonds exude femininity, the best interpretation of the independent style of contemporary women, but also revealed a hint of sexy women’s unique charm.

Burgundy crocodile leather strap Longines new series of passionate interpretation of the sweet time adding throbbing affectionate interpretation of stable mature gentleman demeanor and sweet and independent modern femininity, recounting the love and spend a beautiful life partner.

To feel the living and artistic taste, Colorful replica Longines watches uninterruptedly created real brand classics with inspiration coming from life and fashionable concept in design.

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