Feel the energy of young people – replica Omega and replica Tudor

I think there are two styles is sure to be recommended as an entry in the complex models watch, a chronograph is, that the move; the other is the sun and the moon, that the static. As Chronograph, many young people choose to design a top priority. In all the time-table, the first entry-level replica Omega and replica Tudor.

Why are these two brands? The first sign is a high-status, high awareness level; and the second is whether it is done to change the movement are quite solid; the third is a very classic style, such as Omega moon, well known, internally and externally.

This year saw two TAG Heuer’s work, I think it can recommend to young people as an entry chronograph choice. All in all, more than a remarkable passion for racing brand DNA and blood costume very young, and young people make different choices is valued thing.

Jack Heuer Chronograph is actually Memorial edition Honorary Chairman of TAG Heuer Jack • Hoya, who is the brand founder Edward • TAG Heuer’s grandson, in the 1960s and 1970s the company’s innovative golden age, has served as CEO, now already served its purpose, but its influence on the design and marketing of TAG Heuer continues to affect the process.

This table is black and silver chronometer dial face plate contrast is very strong, easy to make people very far to see the watch function and a normal three-pin table are quite different, it is easy to have a “complex” feel. The red second hand is a prominent young youthful vitality. Date window at six locations have been designed very practical, I can make people in the movement to quickly understand the change date. The red speed disk “80”, indicating that this limited edition unique identity.

Table back through the back with a non-motion design, engraved family crests, Jack Heuer signature and limited edition number. Cousin who may not care what this powder limit is not limited, but for entry-level players, one engraved with a limited number of tables is still very worthy of pomp and pride. 3-50000 and in price, the timing of this operation table feel good, accurate chronograph hand to zero, no extra action.

This table uses a strap hole hollow design, easy for movement directly sweat evaporate, it will not put very wet bulb strap. Folding buckle design is more intimate, lest produce fall when worn. From the price perspective, the domestic price is slightly higher, if other than Fu price plus a discount, then I think it is a famous brand, design fair, highlighting the concept, easy to use, reasonably priced chronograph.

This biggest feature is the use of self-produced CH80 TAG Heuer chronograph movement, this movement using the latest modular design, timing control using seven teeth cut into the wheel. A fifth of a second chronograph accuracy, self-winding movement with Geneva stripes polished, it should say something at the same price, the production concept is still very attractive.

Dial design uses a 1960s Heuer manufactured Ref.2447 Carrera face plate style, whether it is black-faced white saucer plate or saucer plate black flour, very retro and high recognition. 41 mm shell, and thin design makes this table has to follow the classic charm from the epidemic.

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