Replica Hublot Spirit of Big Bang Watches

Spirit of Big Bang family is a branch of the family, it is the only replica Hublot watches to build a tonneau case series. Tonneau relatively small minority, but also very pick one, in Hublot name is not calculated. But the essence of the barrel-shaped watches Hublot adhere to the design, six screws arranged in a circle on the table, up and down each one, about a two. The rest of the process using recessed, layering is very obvious.

Tonneau Hublot is also characterized by a large circle of the core and shell side with a small core, especially the large shell small core, some table fans slightly disappointed on this point. However, the importance of the movement of small series as good as the dial, it is important to see the disk design and functionality.

When The Big Bang Tonneau watch 601.CI.0190.GR.ABB15 using the brand and Genelec jointly developed HUB4700 movement, it has been hailed as one of history’s most outstanding Swiss chronograph movement, with 50 hours of power store. Ceramic case, dial a hollow formula, you can watch through the sapphire crystal. Entire calendar plate exposed only 4:30 position is the same day of the calendar window display window, dial central chronograph hand, disk 3 small dial at 9 o’clock position, respectively, 3 points and 6 points. With color scale and pointer on the dial, strap is blue alligator leather lined with natural rubber.

If this Big Bang blue tonneau watch gives the feeling of elegant calm, then, this white Hublot BIG BANG series 601.HX.0173.LR gives a sense of Wenrun Jing Ya, also incidentally an energetic young. Dial layout designs, except vary in scale, pointer and disk colors, red box calendar day, compared to the blue plate clearer, silver gray disk with luminous hands and hour markers and a red minute scale, at a glance when read clearly than blue plate more than doubled.

The other two were used is titanium case, whether it is abrasion resistance, weight, or titanium alloy corrosion resistance are the first, but will not be in contact with skin allergies. Wherein a 601.NX.0147.LR overall gray tone dominated the entire dial and strap are titanium case with a color, low-key luxury.

Hublot top brands such luxury, how can less diamond section? The Hublot BIG BANG series 601.NX.0173.LR.0904 hollow elongated exemplar bezel set diamonds, dazzling brilliance. Three chronograph dial with red-minute mark when a red frame calendar window, silver luminous hands, very conspicuous.

The four relatively simple in terms of color, bold color Hublot not often used, some low-key tone. Even the diamond style, in addition to diamonds, only a simple red tick as embellishment. This eye-catching styling, color low-key personality, pour a bit of mystery.

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