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For watch fans love retro big dial, the benefits come. Has launched a new Panerai, Panerai NPC bones like a little art Fan children, time is always important than money is not surprising that this concept, no later Panerai predecessors who have qualities and elegant ingenuity alone It shipped numerous attractive design watch fans, not only to identify high, but also for the people talked about the history of the brand.

Modeling new LUMINOR DUE watches precisely reference Luminor 1950 case design, rugged pillow-shaped case, to a large bezel around the dial, eye-catching lugs integrally formed, and the use of leverage to protect the pressurized because the crown for Free accidental impact damage and protecting bridge device. Luminor 1950 in the 1930s to 1950s Italian Navy timing tool developed brand results.

The new Luminor Due 3 Days Automatic three-day power reserve automatic watch is LUMINOR DUE series of the first works, and watch equipped with one of the most sophisticated brand of homegrown movement – with eccentric mini-pendulum Tuo P.4000 machine core. Compared with the original series of similar Luminor 1950 watch, case thickness reduction to 10.7 mm. Iconic crown for the bridge means immediate recognition, the case of AISI 316L stainless steel material. Sandwich sandwich dial, numerals and baton markers, small seconds at 9 o’clock position. Watchmaker Panerai P.4000 movement is developed thinnest automatic movement, bi-directional rotating eccentric chain into two mini-pendulum Tuo barrel to provide energy. Its balance wheel to double support type, than the single cantilevered balance cock more stable and robust. P.4000 movement has two models, the difference is that the modification process and micro-engraved oscillating weight materials. Watch fans careful observation can be found mounted on a stainless steel case watch movement with a modified scrub deck level, as well as tungsten blue engraved oscillating weight, its matte surface with relief decoration. And mounted on gold case watch movement is equipped with a modified deck circle pattern frosted, engraved and gilded 22K gold oscillating weight, matte surface with its Paris nail polish pattern modification and relief decoration.

Case thickness Luminor Due 3 Days watch only 10.5 mm, the thinnest in the history of the case Luminor, Luminor 1950 compared with the same diameter of a plurality of series watches, and its thickness reduced by nearly 40%. Simple classic Panerai dial, disk decorated with satin sun-brushed, digital and baton markers on the dial, 9:00 bit small seconds. Stainless steel case shall match black dial, red gold case shall match the black carbon dial, dial with two watches are the most popular watch fan favorite classic sandwich structure, the time display is very clear.

This watch is equipped with its own production P.1000 movement has a power reserve of three days, a total thickness of 3.85 mm. To ensure maximum safety and stability, the balance wheel double bridge plate fixed support, and screw the threaded ring, you can adjust the height of the deck finely. Vibration frequency of 4 Hz. This movement is also equipped with a stop balance wheel vibration and second hand zero device.

LUMINOR DUE Panerai Luminor watches loyal to the original classic aesthetic, and featuring a very useful feature, and some models of the case than the original thickness of a slim four percent, provide more choice for the best watches Panerai watch fans.

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