Retaining a childish heart – Replica Corum watch

Maturity and innocence is never paradox, every adult had a child. When the cold mechanical heart to play big hair meets watchmaker, they turned it into a wrist touch of fun innocence. Corum watchmakers pick inspiration Father of Victor Vasarely Op Art Works, through the arched Bubble table mirror lens features unique, funny interpretation of the unique charm as the phantom of art. In this brilliant blooming of Children’s Day, the Swiss watchmaking brand Corum creative portrait table selection Bubble watches, through the unique perspective of colorful bubbles tables together to find the original life of the innocent and beautiful.

2015 launch of the new model Op Art, the Corum and industrial designer Nicolas Le Moigne cooperate conceived two new models, each limited production 350. Nicolas Le Moigne capture feature Optical Illusion art, three-dimensional effects fantasy will enjoy playing on the confusion between the dial, a unique visual dynamic contrast. Wherein Bubble Drop, the dial like a natural undulating topography, with grooved bump with clever lighting effects; the same applies in the same year when young we used stones thrown in the lake ripples, and the name of Bubble Drop perfect match. New paragraph for Bubble Sphere2 table as the name suggests, light blue lines cut through the dial, smooth lines and sharp, skillfully and radian table mirror vibrations, together constitute a part; table mirror dial with seamless, like a distant galaxy a blue and mysterious planet, ready to come out of science fiction visual effects to expand the boundaries of the imagination of people to watch.

The hollow movement bubble watch, then inherited the cunning charm Bubble has always been: deep arched crystal glass mirror is like a magnifying glass, so beautifully detailed decorative CO 082 automatic movement at a glance, with its deck board It is hand-carved hollow, retaining only an integral part. Mysterious mechanical operation, fun time display, laminated parts are placed …… glass table mirror is magnified if we infinitely childlike curiosity and desire to explore, just like back in full that Ferris wheel and carousel amusement park , it is worth playing the complicated details gem, very immersive, unforgettable.

Replica Corum watch was first introduced in 2000, a large case with oversized table mirror Bubble bubble watch, its unconventional concept immediately became a highly touted new millennium watch masterpiece. Bubble watch triumphal return, once again laid its transcendent status Corum watchmaking aesthetics struts 15 years later. While retaining the basic design elements ancestor watch on the case increased to 47 mm, together with table mirror, including the thickness of 18.8 mm, breathtaking momentum. Wherein the arched crystal glass table mirror 8 mm thick, the market can be described as one of the largest seen in table mirror. Its complicated production process, the non-ordinary table mirror plane can be compared.

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