Sophia Coppola & Replica Panthère de Cartier

In the eyes of people, Sophia Coppola is always the elegant taste and modern style of the representative. As a firm belief in the artist, she dared to transcend the trend in the creation, with a delicate perspective to explain the true face of today’s women. Some of her films do revolve around the male role (eg Stephen Dorf of “somewhere” and Bill Murray of “Lost Tokyo”), but the protagonists of most of her works are women. The feminine perspective is an important part of Sophia’s artistic creation and her theme on the big screen. Her talent outstanding, has a unique artistic concept, familiar with the modern color interpretation of the past era of the way.

80 years of spirit is reflected in the temperament of Ms. cheetah, and Sophia on this era of accurate understanding of the style, and the birth of this series in 1983 extremely fit.

“I have been fascinated by Cartier, its archives, history and design so unique.I am a loyal fan of Cartier.

When Cartier invited me to re-launch the Panthère de Cartier cheetah watch film, my first thought was: who is the cheetah? What will her life look like?

I really like the Panthère de Cartier cheetah watch, so it is nice to be able to show through the film its fancy and gorgeous charm. This watch is very unique, it is not only a watch, but also to wear every day or with gorgeous evening gown jewelry.

In the Panthère de Cartier cheetah series watch was born in 1983, excellent film layer endless, I was deeply fascinated by the then movie star. Wearing this cheetah watch ladies temperament outstanding, so I remember fresh. That time is worthy of our rejuvenation and gives a modern perspective. Cheetah lady elegant and mature, fashionable gorgeous, sexy revealing playful. I think of her as a European woman who loves travel, setting a story background for the film. We took a few days in Los Angeles, including the city center’s Union Station, Georgio’s nightclub, a Hollywood hotel and “Fox Residence”. We have successfully created a unique atmosphere with Panthère cheetah watch scene.

I still remember the scene in a film audition when the case of Courtney Eaton, she has the inherent charm. We decided to add a few friends to her in the club scene. Amanda and my sister, Brooklyn, are met in Paris and I’m glad they can join the film. It was a great experience to finish the film with such a great team in Los Angeles. We have succeeded in creating the kind of atmosphere I imagined. ”

Replica Panthère de Cartier Medium Model Quartz movement watches
#Case Width – 27mm
#Gender – Ladies
#Bezel Type – Polished
#Product Type – Watches
#Clasp Material – 18K Pink Gold
#Movement – Quartz (Battery)
#Water Resistance – 100 Ft (30 Meter)
#Dial Color – Rose Gold
#Hands – Blued Steel
#Crystal Type – Scratch Resistant Sapphire
#Case Material – 18K Pink Gold, Black Lacquer
#Case Length – 37mm
#Case Thickness – 6mm

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