Choose to wear for the summer best replica watch

Summer, many people worry about wrist sweating discomfort and give up wearing a replica watch, in fact, if selected according to the characteristics of the summer, the same can be comfortable and comfortable to wear replica watches.

1: Material
Choose to wear for the summer replica watch, the first natural attention to the choice of material. For the summer hot and sweating seasonal features, silk, leather strap is best not to choose, not only in the hands of very hot, and sweat soaked after the dirty and distribute some pungent odor. The metal material, ceramic material or rubber material strap is the preferred summer wear. Metal material and ceramic material of the cold touch and rubber material resistance to the characteristics of these watches have become the summer watch the best choice.

2: Sense of thin
Summer is a light battle season, dress so, wear table is also true. Compared to the heavy big man, a slim and lightweight watch is more suitable for ladies wear in summer. Note that here is slim, rather than ultra-thin, ultra-thin table with the belt to wear the general style of the majority, in the outdoor sports frequent summer but some inappropriate. So, in the choice of light, slim watch on it, at least in the visual will make you feel refreshing a lot.

3: Movement Notes
Although the summer is very suitable for sports replica watches, especially the diving table, but the sun is too strong in the sun may bring the function of the watch with the night damage. We know that the luminous watch is able to shine, because the watch in the pointer and dial on the chemical coating in the light absorption of energy and then in the dark place, but too strong sunlight will make the coating to accelerate aging, to bring damage to the watch .

4: Maintenance
Summer weather hot and humid, in the rain or sweat “baptism”, the watch case of the gloss will be damaged, to speed up the aging of the case. So the summer wear table should be carefully maintained, after the end of the wipe to carefully wipe, especially sweat stains where, if there are other problems, you can pay to the maintenance and maintenance of professionals. In addition, if you wear a new table must tear off the table back film, do not think that the film can slow down the watch damage, but due to perspiration immersion, film gap dirt will produce greater damage to the case.