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In addition to “BIG BANG”, “KING POWER” and “CLASSIC FUSION” three landmark collection, there is a Hublot “handed down” collection, all collection is the Hublot youngest collection. Launched in 2011, called “handed down as MP-01 collection.” From this collection, you can get a glimpse of what high-end watch excellent watchmaking firm strength. This collection of watches launched the brand not only represents the ability to super-complicated functional areas, but also exhibit unique brand of creativity and ingenuity novelty.

2010 Hublot assembled a team of 30 top-level master composed of senior watch custom team, focusing on the development of highly complex watch. Team set up less than a year, that solemnly announced a new masterpiece, the collection, the first table is named “MP-01” (meaning “masterpieces of the collection of the first watch”). Handed collection was born. Today introduced a few masterpieces collection of watches, children’s shoes can not afford it right when we appreciate the style of Genesis were huge.

And the first handed down, like watches, barrel-shaped shell uses this table, curvy. Carved hollow design of the dial, gray tones, calm and reserved. Complex movement through the dial operation at a glance. The overall shape Smart, sophisticated production process. Clear time scale, look at the time is also very clear, which is several tables Xiao Bian today will be introduced and we usually see in most watches like watch a watch.

Then see this watch, the first look at this table, overawed by appearance, the whole case is like a robot’s head, angular, “flesh and blood.” MP-05 “LaFerrari” Hublot represents an unparalleled masterpiece: the plant entirely by Hublot watchmakers and engineers, independent design, development and production, as the Ferrari sports car special limited collection “LaFerrari” tribute. The most surprising is the MP-05 “LaFerrari” has a history of 50 days power reserve.

Sapphire transparent mirror, covered in black PVD coated titanium through the end of the table back, looks much like the Ferrari “LaFerrari” sports car. Case top center titanium metal embedded carbon fiber inserts and unique case under the crown, it looked very mysterious and interesting. Movement operation is unique, first in the front end of the vertical plane small seconds display, they fixed on the tourbillon cage hanging aluminum column directions. Hours and minutes are displayed in the right side of the barrel, they are also an instruction from black anodized aluminum column. Columnar body of the barrel on the left to display power reserve. Red fillets on both sides of the columnar body made of red anodized aluminum, inspired by Ferrari’s red logo. On each columnar body with luminous digital features to make reading easier. The entire table body made of black natural rubber strap wrapped. This year introduced a sapphire case, the entire section table transparent, super personality, not everyone can get started, the price is not an ordinary person can afford, when you look at it fresh.

Following this style is more unique, Hublot handed down for collection 912.ND.0123.RX is very scientific and technological sense of a watch, this case modeling, small Ciqiong …… 56.2×51.7 mm size, PVD titanium metal case fixed bezel, black crown. Hollow dial, scratch-resistant surface and watch back with anti-glare sapphire crystal. HUB9012 with column wheel and tourbillon power reserve, about 120 hours of power reserve, black rubber strap. There Tourbillon watches frame, right way, proud.

Replica Hublot MP Collection watches , the young people of this financial hub have taken the lead in fashion-consciousness .

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